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Preparing for your first year as a real estate agent

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A career in real estate is promising and rewarding, especially for a real estate agent. However, it is not easy to venture into real estate and establish yourself. That is the most challenging part, but you can make it through. If you want to start your career as a real estate agent, your first year may not be a walk in the park. The best thing is to manage your expectations and prepare yourself adequately to build a strong foundation for your business. Here is how to establish a successful profession during your first year as a real estate agent.

Find a mentor

The best way to learn more and gain more experience as a real estate agent is through a mentor. A mentor will train you on everything you need to know, how to pitch yourself to clients, and so forth. The best way to gain that is to find a broker to work for. An experienced broker has all sorts of tips for a new real estate agent, and you can always turn to them for any questions. Partner with an experienced broker, share with them your commission or support them for free. It is rewarding in the long run. When you are with them, you pick up the much-needed experience to establish yourself in the real estate industry.

Prepare yourself emotionally and financially for a slow start

The most important part of being a real estate agent is building a network of clients, and that is what you will be doing during your first months in the profession. Remember that no home buyer or seller will be willing to do business with an unknown real estate agent, so you should focus on getting your name out there and building a client base.

Remember that the home buying and closing processes take time, so you may be busy but not getting any money into your bank. Plus, the first commissions might not be as much. So, have some savings to push you through the first few months as you generate leads.

Seek all the experience you can

If you are a wise real estate agent, you will partner with an experienced broker during your first year to seek all the training and experience you need. That way, you can gain from their extensive knowledge of the industry and home buying and selling processes such as paperwork, drafting contracts, leases, timelines, and other logistics that come with it. It is also good to learn through other platforms on the internet to gain some unique approaches your mentor might not be aware of.

Build a network of loyal clients

Let everyone know that you are a real estate agent and can rely on you. Tell your family, friends, and colleagues, and you will benefit from word-of-mouth marketing. have professional social medial profiles and start building a following to establish a network of clients.

Focus on marketing upfront

Digital marketing is beneficial in the real estate industry. So, invest in it during your first year. It can be expensive for a beginner, but it will pay off eventually.


Your first year as a real estate agent is all about a steady commitment to building a good reputation, gaining experience, and building a loyal client base.

Story by Bijoy Hembram

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