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Pre-tattoo preparations: How to prepare yourself for the tattoo appointment 

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Now that you have finalized a tattoo for yourself and have even booked an artist in a tattoo shop, then the artist will tell you to book an appointment, since it can take few minutes to hours based on the dimension and type of the tattoo that you have chosen.

You cannot just walk into the tattoo shop and get yourself inked. You have to prepare your body and mind about the fact that you are getting a permanent mark etched somewhere on your body. Hence, you will have to follow proper preparation protocol before getting a tattoo.

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Tattoo preparation tips

Here are some of the tips that can help you with the preparation for getting a tattoo for the first time.

Drink water

Hydrated skin heals faster. Dry skin might cause some cracks during the tattooing. Hence, drink as much water as possible to keep yourself ready for the tattoo etching process. It will even help you with the early healing process, after your tattoo session.

Moisturize the skin

Apart from staying hydrated, you should also make sure that you keep your skin moisturized with the application of the right moisturizer. You should start this preparation at least some days before the tattooing because supple and moist skin can offer a wonderful canvas for your tattoo artist.

If you feel like your skin becomes dry and dull during winters, then make sure that you moisturize your skin, especially when you have plans of getting a tattoo.


Keep the area where you are planning to get tattooed cleanly shaved. While shaving, you have to make sure that you do not cause any cuts or scratches on that particular area. If you get a wound while shaving, then your appointment will be canceled and you will be suggested to wait till the wound is healed for getting a tattoo.

The body part where you are going to get a tattoo should be shaved so that the tattoo artist can work his art on you systematically.

Tanning is a big no

Remember to stay indoors for some time till you get yourself the tattoo. Burnt or tanned skin layers become extremely sensitive and the tattoo artists will not agree to work on your body till you are healed. Hence, say no to tanning beds, sunny patios, beach vacations, etc., before tattooing.

Sleep and eat well

Sleeping well and eating right are the only two ways of keeping your body healthy and energetic for the day of tattooing. Eating healthy some weeks before tattooing will make your skin not only healthy but also energetic and supple for the day of the tattoo appointment.

You will find many other such tips that can help you with preparing yourself for tattooing. Know them and be ready for getting a permanent mark on your body.

Happy tattooing.

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