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POTUS throws fit over Fox News poll: Here we go

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Donald Trump is mad at Fox News, because a poll commissioned by the Trump Propaganda Network has the president losing to Democrats in 2020.

He does understand that polls are, you know, polls. I mean, you know, that what pollsters do is, they ask people questions, and record their answers, and then report on what the people they asked questions of had to say.


So, you’re Fox News, you have a pollster ask people who they’re going to vote for in 2020, and then, you report on the findings.

You could, theoretically, sure, put your finger on the scale, to make your boy look good.

Now you understand Rasmussen.

But, and this is a shocker, but, no, even Fox News has some sense of journalistic principle.

Again, wow, just, wow.

Trump, being Trump, figures this is Fox being disloyal.

Hell, it probably is that.

Everybody knows how to push poll.

You phrase the question to make sure you get the desired result.

So, who are you going to vote for in 2020: Donald Trump, who is tremendous, just fabulous, or, say, Joe Biden, who you know molests puppy dogs?

Well, would you look at that: according to our new poll, Trump cleans Biden’s clock, beats him by 25 points.

It’s hard to figure that Fox wouldn’t do that, though, of course, we’re way, way out from November 2020, meaning there’s plenty of time.

In the meantime, Trump.

That was quite the temper tantrum there, man.

Over a poll in mid-August more than a year out.

You’re a narcissist, we get that, but even granted that, it’s a bit much.

Column by Chris Graham

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