Post poll: Obama has eight-point lead in Virginia

Another day, another bit of momentum for President Barack Obama in the crucial battleground state of Virginia.

A new Washington Post poll of Virginia voters released on Tuesday gives Obama an eight-point lead over Republican Mitt Romney.

Obama, a Democrat, was at 52 percent in the poll, with Romney at 44 percent.

Obama, in 2008, was the first Democratic candidate to win Virginia’s electoral votes since Lyndon Johnson in 1964.

Both sides are contesting Virginia fiercely, with the pressure perhaps more on Romney given the dwindling number of states that are in play in the 2012 election cycle. An Obama win in Virginia would likely force Romney to sweep fellow battleground states Ohio and Florida to have a chance at winning the presidency.

Democratic voters seem to have caught and passed their Republican counterparts in the enthusiasm area. According to the Post poll, 61 percent of Obama supporters call themselves “very enthusiastic” about voting, compared to just 45 percent of Romney supporters.

Virginia voters split in favor of Obama as being better qualified to handle the economy (47 percent-45 percent), military spending (50 percent-44 percent) and determining the future of the Medicare program (52 percent-39 percent).

Romney earned a 48 percent-44 percent split on the question of which candidate is better prepared to deal with the federal budget deficit, though by a 49 percent-46 percent margin voters split for Obama on which candidate is better prepared to deal with tax issues.

Obama also enjoys a generally favorable reception from Virginia voters – 57 percent of whom view Obama favorably, versus 42 percent who view him unfavorably. Romney is viewed favorably by 47 percent of Virginia voters, and unfavorably by 49 percent.

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