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Poll: Voters think Trump should resign over sexual harassment allegations

donald trumpNew numbers from Public Policy Polling find a majority of Americans thinking Donald Trump should resign as president because of allegations of sexual harassment lodged against him.

Fifty-three percent think Trump should step down, according to the PPP poll, to 42 percent who think he should remain in office.

Of note, 53 percent also believe the women who have accused the president of sexual harassment, to 31 percent who think they aren’t telling the truth.

The allegations against Trump first surfaced during the 2016 presidential campaign, and have gained steam in recent weeks in the wave of allegations against top players in Hollywood, the TV and print media and Capitol Hill, including the high-profile departures of Democrats Al Franken and John Conyers.

Majorities of both Democrats and Republicans agreed with the forced resignation of Franken, a prominent Democratic senator who had been looked as an early favorite for the party’s 2020 presidential nomination. Those who voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 backed Franken’s departure by a 57-29 margin, with Trump voters splitting 71-14 in favor of Franken’s resignation.

Predictably, though, Trump voters hold their man to a different, lower standard, than they hold Democrats. Eighty-three percent think Trump should not step down in the face of sexual harassment allegations against him, to 12 percent who do.

The Clinton voter split is 86 percent in favor to 10 percent opposed.

Trump voters, in general, care much less, charitably, about sexual harassment as an issue. Twenty-two percent actually approve of Trump sexually harassing women, if you can believe that, and you no doubt can. Just 45 percent say they disapprove of Trump sexually harassing women, leaving another 33 percent unsure, which, when you add all that up, is harrowing, but of course very MAGA.


Also in the numbers

  • Fifty-six percent of Trump voters think special counsel Robert Mueller should be fired.
  • Seventy-eight percent think the Russia story is #fakenews, which is actually up from the 69 percent who saw the Russia-Trump story as fake back in an April poll.
  • Trump voters also don’t care if Russia collusion is proven, with 77 percent saying he should remain in office even if the allegations are proven true.
  • Twenty-nine percent overall support the GOP tax bill, to 49 percent who are opposed. Among those who say they’ve heard “a lot” about the tax plan, 62 percent oppose it.
  • Sixty-six percent overall support the DREAM Act, to 23 percent who oppose it.
  • Voters filled in the blank for Trump’s #fakenews trophy, giving it to Fox News, at 41 percent, with CNN coming in second, at 30 percent. No other news network got more than 6 percent.
  • Voters still wish Barack Obama was president, by a 56-39 margin over Trump.
  • Fifty-one percent of voters support impeaching Trump, to 42 percent opposed.

Full results here.

Story by Chris Graham

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