Poll: Trump lead narrowing in Republican race, Biden does best in November 2016 test heats

2016A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll has the Republican Party presidential nomination race tightening, and Vice President Joe Biden looking like the best bet for Democrats in November 2016 test heats.

Donald Trump has just a one-point lead on Ben Carson on the GOP side of the ledger, 21 percent to 20 percent, with Marco Rubio and Carly Fiorina tied for third at 11 percent. Jeb Bush is at 7 percent, with John Kasich at 6 percent and Ted Cruz at 5 percent.

Trump had a five-point lead on Bush and a nine-point lead on Carson in the most recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, which was released on July 30.

Hillary Clinton maintains a lead on the Democratic Party side, with 42 percent, to 35 percent for Bernie Sanders and 17 percent for Biden.

Clinton struggles in general-election test heats with the top Republicans, though. She does rather easily top Trump, 49 percent to 39 percent, but Clinton has just a 45-44 lead on Bush, trails Carson 46-45, and trails Fiorina 45-44.

Biden, in contrast, leads Bush 48-40, leads Trump 56-35, and leads Fiorina 47-41.

– Story by Chris Graham


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