Poll: Seriously, Biden is only getting 5 percent of Republicans?

Joe BidenThe topline in the latest CBS News/YouGov poll has Joe Biden up 10 points on Donald Trump.

That’s dog bites man.

The man bites dog: the poll has Joe Biden getting 5 percent of Republicans.

Five percent.

With the Never Trumpers, Project Lincoln, common sense.

Five. Percent.

Gotta say, that 5 percent sure is getting a lot of media love.

You almost have to think that every single Republican planning to pull the lever for Biden has had by now an op-ed in the New York Times or Washington Post, plus a segment on “Maddow” or “360.”

I’m exaggerating. There’s still two and a half months until Election Day.

They’re spacing those things out to get maximum effect.

The other number that stands out from that poll is the standing of the candidates among independents.

Somehow, Trump leads among independents by 10 points, and is still losing overall by 10 points.

Actually, doing the math, you get there by weighting the poll to Democrats being 41.6 percent of the electorate, Republicans being 30.2 percent, and independents being 27.1 percent.

Maybe the electorate is skewing Democrat.

Maybe these pollsters are overly optimistic.

Either way, hey, at least Biden is doing better among his’n than Trump is among their’n.

Only 3 percent of Democrats in this poll say they’re going to vote for Trump.

Not that any of them want to write an op-ed or go on Fox News to let people know, or anything.

Story by Chris Graham


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