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Poll: Romney gaining with GOP nomination sewn up

Mitt Romney has gained four points on Barack Obama in the latest Public Policy Polling survey of voters, indicating movement among Republicans now that the former Massachusetts governor has all but sewn up the GOP presidential nomination.

Romney now trails Obama by a 49 percent-46 percent margin after trailing 49 percent-42 percent a month ago. His gains have come primarily among Republican voters, who now see him favorably by a 67 percent-22 percent margin. A month ago, Romney had only a +2 net favorability rating among GOP voters.

In addition to looking at the head to head between Obama and Romney, PPP also tested to see how some different potential GOP running mates might affect the ticket. Four of the people tested -Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Mike Huckabee, and Rick Santorum – slightly improve Romney’s numbers against Obama. And four of the people tested – Sarah Palin, Ron Paul, Marco Rubio, and Paul Ryan – slightly hurt Romney’s numbers against Obama. In only one case – Palin’s- does the introduction of a running mate make more than a three point difference in how Obama and Romney match up.

Other notes on the poll:

-Rubio’s favorability with Hispanics nationally is 35/42. Without Rubio on the ticket Obama leads Romney 68-30 with them, with Rubio on the ticket it’s cut only to 67-32.

-Michelle Obama (55/33 favorability) and Ann Romney (44/27) favorability are both a lot more popular than their husbands. Voters think Mrs. Obama would be a better President than Mrs. Romney by a 47/36 margin.

-Joe Biden’s numbers are a little bit weaker than Obama’s with 42% of voters seeing him favorably to 48% with a negative opinion.

-Ron Paul actually does just as well in a head to head with Obama was Romney, trailing by 3 points at 47-44. Newt Gingrich would be down by 9 at 51-42.

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