Poll: Obama doubles lead over Perry … is voter concern over Social Security the reason why?

A new Public Policy Polling survey of voters has Barack Obama nearly doubling his lead over Texas Gov. Rick Perry as swing voters begin to express concerns about Perry’s comments on Social Security being a “Ponzi scheme.”

Obama led Perry in the polling by a 52 percent-to-41 percent margin in the recent PPP poll. Three weeks ago, PPP had Obama ahead of Perry by six points, 49 percent to 43 percent.

Inside the numbers, Perry is getting hammered by voters on his controversial views on Social Security. Just 20 percent of voters agree with his view of Social Security being a Ponzi scheme, with 70 percent disagreeing with the statement.

Voters split even more significantly on a related question in the polling on whether the federal government should end Social Security – 82 percent opposed and only 10 percent in favor.

Another interesting tidbit in the numbers: Democrats have moved more solidly in favor of Obama since Perry attained frontrunner status in the GOP field. Three weeks ago, Obama led among Democrats by an 81 percent-to-13 percent margin. This week’s poll has Obama ahead among the base by an 89 percent-to-9 percent tally.

Obama’s lead over Mitt Romney is much narrower in this week’s PPP poll – 49 percent to 45 percent.


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