Poll: Fans think MLB should have punished the cheating Houston Astros


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Americans think MLB should have punished Houston Astros players for their role in the sign-stealing scandal that has tainted the team’s 2017 World Series championship.

A Seton Hall Sports Poll has 54 percent of us saying yes to punishments from MLB, with 17 percent opposed.

A similar number, 49 percent, feels that the investigation into the Astros scandal was a cover-up, with only 14 percent indicating that they feel it was a serious effort.

These are not good numbers for the business side of MLB, no?

Actually, no. Seventy percent of those surveyed say the scandal has had no impact on their inclination to follow MLB.

This may be why MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred is leading an effort to obfuscate until the whole thing blows over, which should correlate to Opening Day, or thereabouts.

And actually, MLB is in a better place with the Astros than the NFL is with concussions. The no-impact number there is just 61 percent.

Both are far ahead in terms of the respect of the paying public than the federal government. The folks at Seton Hall asked for people’s thoughts on the government in the wake of impeachment. Sixty-three percent expressed having less respect for government, and considering how little respect we collectively had at the start, yeah.

Story by Chris Graham

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