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Poll: Americans united behind stripping ‘Stros of 2017 Series

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A new Seton Hall Sports Poll has America believing strongly that the Houston Astros should be stripped of their 2017 World Series title.

The poll measures us at 52 percent saying, take it away, to 35 percent saying, in effect, meh.

It would never happen, of course, not to a pro franchise, anyway.

(Sorry, 2013 Louisville basketball.)

“The sentiment to strip the Astros of their trophy is well-reflected in the seriousness by which people view rulebreaking,” noted Rick Gentile, director of the Seton Hall Sports Poll, which is sponsored by the Sharkey Institute within the Stillman School of Business.

Good on the folks at Seton Hall for testing that idea out across the spectrum. Poll respondents were also asked their thoughts on politicians bending the rules to get an unfair advantage on an opponent, and 83 percent said doing so hurts the country, with 12 percent saying that kind of thing happens all the time, and thus is no big deal.

Those are across-the-board numbers. Republicans, natch, are a little less butthurt right now about politicians breaking laws, with 68 percent saying that kind of thing hurts the country, and 23 percent saying no big deal, though of note, Republicans, when it comes to sports, are like Democrats when it comes to teams and players cheating: splitting 86 percent to 8 percent on the hurts game/no big deal dichotomy, with Democrats splitting 90 percent to 8 percent.

Story by Chris Graham

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