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Politics Notebook: Polls, polls, polls

Akin still leads in MO: It might be hard to figure, but the latest Public Policy Polling work in the Missouri Senate race has Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin still ahead of Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill.

Akin had a 44 percent-43 percent lead over McCaskill in polling done Monday night. The lead is basically identical to the 45 percent-44 percent lead that Akin had in a May PPP poll.

That’s even as 75 percent of those surveyed thought Akin’s remarks on rape-related pregnancy were inappropriate, and 65 percent said they strongly disagree with what he had to say on the issue.

He also had a 24 percent favorable/58 percent unfavorable split in the poll.

And yet still held a one-point lead at the end of the day.

Doesn’t show us a lot good about the Show Me State.


Ryan gives Romney seven-point bouce, and lead, in Wisconsin: Mitt Romney, aided by Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan, now holds a slim 48 percent-47 percent lead over Barack Obama in Wisconsin in the latest Public Policy Polling survey of the state’s voters.

Obama had led Romney in the most recent PPP polling in June by a 50 percent-44 percent margin.

The biggest movement has been among Republican voters, who increased in support of Romney by 15 percentage points, up to 93 percent overall, in the latest survey.

Independents have also been moving toward Romney-Ryan. Obama still holds a 47 percent-43 lead among Wisconsin independents, but he had led among independents by 14 points six weeks ago.

Of interest, the Ryan budget plan actually polls slightly negatively in Wisconsin – with a 40 percent favorable/46 percent unfavorable split.

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