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Politics Notebook: GOP Senate primary race

Allen talks jobs in NOVA George Allen brought his statewide conversation on job creation and economic growth to Springfield, Virginia on Friday, meeting with local small business owners and community leaders. Held at the West Springfield Government Center, the small business roundtable provided the opportunity for Allen to hear directly from small business owners about their ideas and concerns and to share his positive, proven, pro-job plan for economic growth, the Blueprint for America’s Comeback.

“Small business owners are the key job creators, innovators, and leaders in our economy.  I always enjoy learning from and exchanging ideas and reforms with these entrepreneurs throughout our great Commonwealth,” said George Allen. “These days Washington is harming job creators with more taxes and regulations that unnecessarily burden basic business operations and planning.  Listening to business leaders, I’m convinced that the way to reinvigorate job opportunities is with reforms that simplify taxes, bring reasonableness to regulations and provide affordable American energy as well as empowering education.  These are the solutions for job creators to compete and succeed – not more of the same failed economic policies.  I’m ready to be the voice in the U.S. Senate for Virginia small businesses and send a message to the world that America is Open for Business Again!”

“Springfield is full of local business owners working hard to grow their businesses and keep their American Dream alive,” said Kathleen McDermott, Chair of the Legislative Committee at the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce. “But what we are seeing come out of Washington creates a lot of anxiety and uncertainty for our local businesses.  George Allen wants to ensure that small businesses have the tools and freedom to succeed on their own, unimpeded by our current over-reaching government.  George Allen is the only person in this race with a record of working with people from both parties to cut taxes, reduce government and create business growth and education investment, and Virginians need a pro-business patriot with his record of results to represent us in the U.S. Senate.”


Jackson backs move to block judicial appointee Statement from Republican Senate candidate E.W. Jackson on the move by the Virginia House of Delegates to block the judicial appointment of Tracy Thorne-Begland:

“As an American of African descent and someone who came of age during the Civil Rights Movement, I am deeply sensitive to violations of civil rights. However, it is my conclusion that the General Assembly of Virginia was right to deny activist homosexual Tracy Thorne-Begland a seat on the bench.

“Homosexuals have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as do all Americans. Nevertheless, sexual orientation is not a protected class under the Virginia Constitution or our laws, nor should it be. Equating rights over “sexual orientation” to black civil rights is not only specious logic but an insult to black Americans and the legacy of the Civil Rights Movement. It is not invidious discrimination to block this appointment.

“Private sexual behavior, unless it is against the law, should remain private. Mr. Begland has chosen to make his private sexual behavior a cause célèbre. He has been an active proponent of legal changes to recognize and accommodate homosexuality. This is one of the most divisive issues of our day. It pits radical activists against the First Amendment rights of all Americans who believe in traditional marriage and values.

“Recently, one of the most famous boxers and athletes in the world, Manny Pacquiao, was denied entry to the Grove Shopping Mall in Los Angeles because he opposes homosexual marriage. That is the kind of case courts are confronting more and more. The judges we appoint should not be associated with a radical agenda which they believe all other citizens must yield to and approve regardless of the law. Nor should they be associated with organizations and activists who have an extremist agenda which they seek to achieve by the force of law.

“Chai Feldblum, Obama’s appointment to head the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, said ‘there can be a conflict between religious liberty and sexual liberty, but in almost all cases the sexual liberty should win because that’s the only way that the dignity of gay people can be affirmed in any realistic manner.’

“A person who holds a position of legal authority to interpret and enforce the law should not elevate a personal political or social agenda above the law and the Constitution. Mr. Begland demonstrated this propensity when he defied the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy while still serving in the military. Instead of focusing solely on his military service, he eventually became mired in a protracted legal battle to advance his social cause.

“No American citizen should want to persecute or punish a fellow citizen for their private behavior, no matter how objectionable we may believe that behavior to be. However, the moment that behavior becomes a political agenda to be advanced on the public at large despite the Constitution or state law, it becomes a disqualifier for the exercise of judicial power.”

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