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Political quandary

A View from the Right column by Mike Hodge

I have an important question to pose to you, but first an observation. You’ve heard all the hoopla about Tim Kaine being Barack Obama’s VP. I wanted to tell you why this is a good thing for Valley Republicans.

Bill Bolling running for governor and Bob McDonnell running for attorney general means there is an open slot, lieutenant governor. Who better to fill that slot then our own state senator, Emmett Hanger? The senator has already expressed interest in running for LG. He had been ready to run next year if Bolling had not annouced he was running for re-election. He’s made no secret that he has ambitions for a statewide office.

If this happens, his 24th District seat would be open assuming he wins the GOP nomination and then the general election in November. There would be a special election, then, to fill his seat in the 24th, meaning a candidate would probably have about a month to campaign. Who better to take Hanger’s place then the man who almost beat him last year, Scott Sayre? State Sen. Scott Sayre will sound very good to a lot of area Republicans.

A Vice President Kaine would have resonation from D.C. to right here in the Valley. This, of course, assumes Obama/Kaine wins the general election. Now, here’s my question, As a conservative Republican, who would you vote for as President, given all the implications? This would require some deep thought about the future of Virginia and America.

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