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Police report possible gas scam

The Waynesboro Police Department would like to alert citizens, especially the elderly, to be cautious when approached at their homes by person(s) purporting to be in need of money to purchase fuel or food.

Two instances of young adult males knocking on doors of city residents late at night asking for money for gas have been reported to police recently and in both cases the elderly homeowner gave the subject a small amount of cash. These incidents appear to be linked due the fact that both home owners had recently had tree work done and the subject requesting the assistance claimed to have performed tree work for the resident in the past.

Although neither citizen recognized the person or could provide descriptive information it is possible that the subject may have been employed in tree work and was soliciting former customers.

Residents are urged to be cautious in these situations because many times these types of solicitations are, in fact, scams with the money acquired not being used for the stated purpose or anything related to it. Additionally it could put the home owner at risk of future victimization through burglary, home invasion or some other deception.

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