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Police impersonator flashes blue light at driver in Crimora

policeThe Augusta County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a reported incident involving an apparent police impersonator who flashed a blue light at a driver in the Crimora area on Feb. 14.

The incident was reported in the area of Country Estates Mobile Home Park on U.S. 340. According to the sheriff’s office, a driver in a dark-colored SUV, possibly a Jeep, was traveling southbound on 340 when it encountered a vehicle driving northbound.

The driver of the SUV turned around and began following the northbound vehicle, got up to a close distance, randomly flashed a spotlight into the back of the vehicle ahead of it, then turned on a small, flashing blue light, which appeared to emanate from the dashboard of the vehicle.

The sheriff’s office is reminding people to take appropriate actions when encountering police, fire or medical warning lights. If you pull over but are uncertain if the stop is actually being conducted by a law enforcement officer, it is advised to slow your speed, acknowledge the officer by activating your vehicle’s hazard lights and pull over at the first safe place you can.

At night, this would be a well lit area. When in doubt, contact 911.

If anyone has any information about this case, contact the Augusta County Sheriff’s Office at 540-245-5333 or crime stoppers at 800-322-2017.

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