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Poker chips: An explanation of their values

poker chips
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Every poker game in casinos around the globe uses poker chips in place of cash. Coins and paper money are not viable choices in a professional setting. And with an abundance of poker chips and sets available for sale, there’s no reason your private game shouldn’t include them as well.

If you’re thinking of learning how to play poker, there’s never been a better time to start! You now have myriad choices of where to play, how to learn etc. Similar to googling pokies near me searching for poker games will turn up countless results.

If you’re new to the game, you may not know yet precisely how the system works with poker chips instead of cash. Therefore, we’ll go through an explanation of the standard values to help you understand.

Why Poker Chips Are Better Than Cash

Poker chips eliminate many issues that occur from playing with cash. For example, they create a uniformity in the values and make playing the game more straightforward and more convenient. This is particularly true when there is a set “buy-in,” and all players that paid the fee to play, receive the exact amount and values in chips.

The chips come in different colors, each with an equivalent of money value. They are typically a composition of clay, plastic, metal, or acrylic. In most casinos, poker chips come in set values that you can use at any other table or card game.

It’s worth noting that while chips are considered the currency inside of a casino, outside, they hold no value whatsoever. Unless you want to count them as a souvenir from the casino you visited. However, most people will trade in all of their chips upon leaving the casino for their cash equivalent.

Chip Values

As mentioned before, poker chips come in unique values to color combinations. And this varies depending on the casino that you’re in. But don’t worry, it’s not something you need to memorize, on the chip itself, you will find its corresponding monetary value.

For example, here’s a typical set of poker chips with common monetary values:

  • White – white chips commonly have the lowest value of between $.50 to $1
  • Pink – these chips sometimes have the values of $2 to $2.50
  • Red – many casinos use red to represent $5
  • Blue – often blue will represent $10
  • Yellow – usually these are worth $20 each
  • Green – for instance, might be worth $25
  • Black- commonly black is a high value such as $100
  • Purple- For some reason, almost around the whole world, purple chips are worth $500 each.
  • Orange and Grey – these chips often represent $1000 and $5000.

These numbers tend to vary depending on the casino you’re playing in. To date, there has never been a universally agreed-upon value for all chips. One thing that they always eliminate is the problems that come along with playing for cash.

Even those that love to play poker at home should invest in a nice set of poker chips. They have a way of setting the perfect atmosphere to get into the game.