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Snow sled

Snow days: The universe’s way of making you slow down

Our modern way of life doesn’t let us take a day for ourselves. It’s time to thank the universe for snow days, which make us slow down and give us a chance to reboot.

Democrats Republicans

It’s not enough that we win: We also have to see the other side lose

There’s this guy at the end of the street from my house who stands at a busy intersection most days with hate messages scribbled on cardboard signs hoping that people will honk their support. Why?

tony bennett

UVA wins another nail-biter: Don’t count out Tony Bennett

“The Jerry Ratcliffe Show” with Chris Graham welcomes Dr. Winston Gwathmey from UVA Orthopedics to recap Virginia’s 54-52 win over Virginia Tech and the latest news from Virginia Football.

tony bennett

Tony Bennett reconfigures the Virginia offense

How did Virginia coach Tony Bennett figure out how to get offense out of his offensively-challenged ‘Hoos? Chris Graham and Scott German discuss.