PG-13 Comedy Night at WTA’s Gateway

A new set of comedians will bring a second season of comedy to WTA’s Gateway in October.  David Wingfield and his fellow Richmond comedians Jesse Jarvis and Jesse Thomas  promise a night of PG-13 humor.  It will be a great way for audiences to spend a Saturday night.  Wingfield and Associates Comedy Night is Saturday October 27 at 8 pm at 329 West Main in Downtown Waynesboro.

Hailing from Richmond, David C. Wingfield was born to be a comedian. He believes that the funniest stuff happens in everyday life, and he can’t wait to tell you about it.  Intelligent without being pompous, and down-to-earth without being lowbrow, David is talking about things you know, but with a unique perspective that makes it all his own. David has been fortunate enough to work with some of the most recognizable names in comedy, including Michael Winslow (Police Academy), Charlie Murphy (Chappelle’s Show), and Dave Attell (Insomniac). David has also written jokes for several comics such as SNL alum Victoria Jackson, and worked on ABC’s “Extreme Makeover” as the audience warm-up comedian.

Joining Wingfield are the comic Jesses. Jesse Jarvis, a 25-year-old catering chef, describes the nature of his work as “raising diabetes awareness for rich white people, one bacon wrapped filet mignon at a time.” Born and raised in Richmond, he has been doing comedy for a short, but undisclosed period of time that’s taken him all over the state.  His passion for sharing his hilariously disparaging experiences with others is the hallmark of this comedy.

Jesse Thomas is smart, funny, and accomplished in the realm that is Richmond comedy.  A transplant from Fairfax, Thomas is the only full-time Richmond comic not required to hit the road in order to monetize his craft. He regularly performs at The Funny Bone, McCormack’s, Cafe Diem, Club 955 at Bottoms Up Pizza, Fallout, and at The Republic.

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