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Peterson submits Riggleman key policy platform

lawState Sen. Chap Petersen has introduced SB 1593 that would ban regulated monopolies from donating to political campaigns, a key proposal Denver Riggleman laid out when he launched his campaign for Governor.

As a part of his “blunt force trauma” he pledged to use to expose the corruption and cronyism rampant in Richmond, Riggleman put forth his policy platform which read in part, “Public utilities and state contractors cannot donate to political campaigns or lobby.”

“Legislators are proposing major parts of my policy platform, so it is clear we are changing the status quo in Virginia in a major way and that my campaign is gaining serious traction. I have pledged to ‘use blunt force trauma’ to destroy the corruption and cronyism of the politicians in Richmond, and to expose how money is poisoning our lawmaking. Senator Petersen’s bill is a heat-seeking missile heading straight to the heart of that corruption,” Riggleman said in a statement.

This bill was submitted after Riggleman has spent the past week exposing legislation which would allow Dominion to keep $106.7 Million in overcharges from consumers and which would give Dominion extreme power over localities and zoning.

“It is incredible. When I started this campaign, in the back of my mind I thought that there was no way that a normal person could change things in Richmond because it is just too corrupt and is set up to perpetuate itself,” Riggleman said. “But maybe, just maybe, ‘We, the People’ can take control of Richmond and disrupt the self-licking ice cream cone the politicians and big boys have set up to perpetuate their power.”