Pet ordinance not on Sept. 13 Waynesboro City Council agenda

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The pet ordinance proposed by City Manager Mike Hamp is not among the items listed on the agenda for next week’s Waynesboro City Council meeting.

Council members had indicated at their most recent meeting on Aug. 23 that they would work with city staff on revisions to the proposed ordinance, which includes limits on the number of pets that can owned and housed at city residential addresses, with possible jail time for those found in violation, with the goal of having a final vote on the ordinance on Sept. 27.

It would have been nice for the general public to have had, at the least, an update on the progress of that work at next week’s meeting.

As it stands, if the City Council does intend to follow through with the timeline for voting on the ordinance laid out last month, the general public, at best, will have a few days notice on whatever changes to the ordinance that will have been worked out by the elected members and the staff.

And since the City Council didn’t advertise a public hearing on the ordinance for Sept. 27, that vote would come without any opportunity for live, in-person public input at the meeting.

Public comments may be made September 13 during the Citizen Comment period of the meeting.

This is how government works when the people in charge don’t want scrutiny for their actions.

Looks like it’s time to ramp up the pressure on City Council and city officials.

Story by Chris Graham

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