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Pet-friendly office: Pros and cons

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A pet-friendly workplace is wonderful, particularly for dog lovers. But, it may not be the same for all. Having a pet-friendly work area is a bonus for several dog owners. This is cost-effective by avoiding pet walkers or pet daycare.

They also get to hang with others and have a fun atmosphere. Having furry friends around is therapeutic and relaxing for many. However, it’s not good and fun all the time with office pets. There are pros and cons to a pet-friendly office.

Why should you consider a pet-friendly office?

You might have lots of problems balancing your pet at home and doing your work. You will have to shed a good amount to hire a pet walker or put their pets to daycare. Taking them to the office can seem good as well as a bad choice. You may feel you cannot attend meetings while holding your pets in place.

They will go all over the place and ruin your office work and disturb others too. With paw prints over the floor and dresses is not a good scene and you may drop the whole idea of a pet-friendly office.

Your pets can raise your productivity and can be a cause of distraction too. So, by understanding the advantages and disadvantages of a pet-friendly office can give you an ideal solution.

What do you need to know before moving to a pet-friendly office?

Some factors to consider when considering a pet-friendly office:

Pet permitting

First and foremost, check whether the office building is pet permitting. Is this office right for you? If your office work involves plenty of client meetings, conferences, a proper dress code, business attire and other restrictions may not fit your bill. A laid back office environment is more convenient with pets around.


If your office environment suits you, you need to look out for other staff who are pet owners and are getting their pets too. This setting should be suitable to other working employees of the company. Do other employees enjoy pet company? The best way to know that is a quick poll.

Inter-work relations

You may be pet-friendly and some others maybe too. But, some can be allergic to them or fear certain pets. Bringing pets over to office makes them feel unimportant and not concerned of their health. This can hamper interpersonal relationships in work. Check if your office assigns a single floor or a certain area for pet-friendly space so that other employees are not bothered in the process. While the others are accommodated in a separate floor or area.


Pets are fun to be with but they are not behaved all the time. They may bark, litter accidentally, lick your friend’s feet and other issues. Your friendly space ought to be friendly with your furry friend too. Handling the pet’s downside and your responsibility makes all the difference.


Having a policy for all pet owners to be on the same page is equally essential. It can include, leashing your pets, shots dates, off-limit work areas for your pets, addressing employee complaints, Solution to the complaints and bite-rules. The rules are based on the company.

Company provision

Some offices have no pets on furniture, dogs leashed during meetings and provide handy lint rollers, fresh dog bowls, pet cleaners to name a few for convenience. Some have check in systems for emergencies with office pets.

Pros and Cons of Pet-Friendly Office

Pet-Friendly offices are welcoming to pet owners with no toggling between pet day care and office. But the offer comes with some pros and cons.


  • A study conducted by the Health and Well-being agenda reveals that almost half of the working people consider bringing their pet to work being a bonus. About 34 percent working people are healthier and happier as compared to others. Around 10 percent working people stated that it has actually helped them improve their interpersonal work relations by breaking ice with some staff. Pets have eliminated the hurdles of hierarchy of a professional space.
  • It is one of the best ways to retain and draw staff. With an open and flexible work environment, more staff will join in. Around 88 percent agree that work morale is improved and 82 percent employees are found loyal to companies that are pet-friendly. About 86 percent say pets minimize work stress.
  • Employees cost efficiency increases by minimizing day care for pets.
  • Social interaction and stimulation within employees with pets as their topics. This also is advantageous to levels of productivity and communication in the workspace.
  • Minimizes stress levels by lowering Cortisol. Pets uplift the mood and have a positive impact on work.
  • Creates a relaxed and laid back environment. This enhances collaboration and comfort in the workplace.


  • Liability and legal compliance – Innocent pet destruction can result in loss of some crucial papers, property, equipment, others belongings, furniture and so on. Other than that, it can harm someone through a bite or scratch. Consider legal obligations and pet policy that the company puts forth. You ought to adhere to them.
  • Unable to focus and work distraction – Pets can cause work distraction and result in loss of time. You will have to look after them and monitor them to avoid any harm.
  • Difficult to draw a line- Pets cannot be caged and commanded all the time. They can get off the place causing disturbance to you and others. Not all pets are friendly to all employees. It becomes difficult for others to draw a line.
  • Pet allergies – About 20 percent of the population suffers from pet allergies. So, if your colleagues have pet allergies, it can become an issue in the workspace. Keeping your pet confined to your space can become mandatory.
  • Client’s perspective – Some clients may like the open idea of pet friendly office space, while others may not. Few clients can consider this arrangement as loss of their time and money. When hosting meetings, conferences and other events, your pet may not be a welcome factor. Others may not be extremely serious as long as work is not compromised by employees.


With animal companionship popularity growing, pets are a welcome in the office space. Office pets as they are called, can help increase productivity and mood. They are stress relievers and a trigger to employee collaboration and communication. On the contrary, they are liable to company’s pet policy, legality, employee allergies and other factors in the workspace. They can cause work distraction, loss of focus and time.