Perriello releasing healthcare TV ad next week

Tom Perriello, Democratic candidate for governor of Virginia, is releasing a new TV ad vowing to protect Virginians from the agenda of President Trump and Republicans in Washington and Richmond.

tom perrielloSpeaking over the loud sounds of an ambulance being crushed in a junkyard crusher, Perriello points at the destruction of the ambulance and declares, “Republican leaders are trying to do this to affordable health care.” As the crusher continues to destroy the ambulance, he goes on to explain how he voted for Obamacare “because it was wrong that a million Virginians weren’t covered, while insurance companies held all the power.”

Perriello then explains that he’s running for governor “because it’s wrong that most Virginia incomes haven’t gone up in 20 years.” “Together,” he adds, “we can stop Donald Trump, raise wages and build an economy that works for everyone.” Pointing at the crushed ambulance, Tom concludes, “And we’ll make sure this never happens in Virginia.”

The ad, titled “Ambulance,” will begin running next week.

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