Performance vs style: These 3 Yamaha aftermarket parts have both

Yamaha offers some of the most popular motorcycles on the market. This popularity means that they have plenty of motorcycle OEM parts and aftermarket upgrades available. So, plenty of riders like to customize their vehicles to match their taste.

Yamaha motorcycle
Credit: toptop28

Of course, there is a constant clash between making performance upgrades and aesthetic changes. Fortunately, some aftermarket parts offer both. Pick from any or all of these three upgrades and you’ll be looking good while getting the most from your ride.

Kuryakyn Hyper Charger Air Cleaner

The air cleaner is an important part of any motorcycle engine because it greatly affects itsperformance and power. The Kuryakyn Hyper chgarger Air Cleaner kicks things up a notch by increased the intake air pressure to the engine. In turn, this creates more horsepower.

Although it is a subtle visual change, it adds a meatier look to your air intake. Additionally, to any fellow riders, it is a clear indication that you care about performance.

Avon Cobra Chrome Motorcycle Tire

For a less subtle aesthetic change, consider the Avon Cobra Chrome Motorcycle Tire. This aftermarket tire features a unique, eye-catching cobra tread pattern. Additionally, the tires add superior grip even in wet conditions. They are a great way to get more control while also adding a unique visual upgrade.

Cobra PowerFlo Air Intake Kit

Another option for maximizing airflow is the Cobra PowerFlo Air Intake Kit. This upgraded air intake improves airflow while adding a unique visual accent to your bike. It is available in several colors, so you can match the body color to select something a little more attention-grabbing.

Get Performance and Style

Adding some aftermarket upgrades to your Yamaha bike can help you get both performance and style. Of course, if you want to stick to genuine Yamaha parts, there are plenty of OEM accessories and replacement parts available. One of the best aspects of a Yamaha bike is the number of options you can choose from.

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