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Pembroke Pines eye doctor shares tips on how to prevent common eye injuries

Eye injuries can commonly occur from the day-to-day activities that may result in accidents. More severe eye injuries would require immediate treatment and even surgery to help prevent eye damage that may potentially result in permanent vision loss. It is always recommended to visit the eye doctor as soon as you realize that you have an injured eye. Injuries to the eye may range from minor eye surface scratches to more complex deep puncture wounds, which all require different levels of treatment. While minor injuries may only need simple monitoring following an initial appointment with the eye doctor, it is important to ensure that eye infections do not occur because they may lead to complications.

Elite Vision Centers, an eye doctor in Pembroke Pines, shares some of the more common eye injuries and how to prevent or treat them.

Corneal Abrasion

Commonly referred to as scratched eye, corneal abrasion occurs when you get poked in your eyes. It may also happen when you rub the eyes in response to a foreign body (dust or fine sand) entering the eye. These abrasions cause extreme sensitivity to light and even eye redness. You are encouraged to visit the eye doctor when you have scratched eyes because scratching makes them susceptible to bacterial or fungal infection. Avoid patching or rubbing your eyes because it provides an environment for bacteria to grow.

Eye Swelling

Swollen eyelids may be caused when one is hit in the eye by an object. For instance, being hit in the eye by a fast-moving baseball may cause severe eye swelling. However, even a simple black eye should be enough reasons to visit your eye doctor, but avoid rubbing the eye because you can worsen the situation.

Eye Bleeding (Subconjunctival Hemorrhages)

This injury is not as bad as it looks. It occurs when blood is leaking from a blood vessel between the sclera and the conjunctiva. These injuries are common and may happen even with a minor injury to the eye. When these injuries extend to other parts of the white sclera, the entire eye may appear red. They are also painless and cause no vision loss. Over time, the blood clears and the eye returns to its normal look or appearance.

Traumatic Iritis

This injury occurs when the iris experiences inflammation after poking or a severe blow to the patient’s eye. Hitting the eye with a blunt object may also cause this type of eye injury. It often requires treatment. The patient risks permanent loss of vision if proper medical attention is not given.


When the eye’s interior chamber is bleeding, the patient can be said to suffer from a hyphema. It often affects the space between your iris and cornea. It is a serious injury to the eye and may require emergency medical treatment.

Most eye injuries require you to consult your eye care professional for immediate assessment and medical advice. On several occasions, saline solution or water may be used to flush the eyes, but more severe cases may require surgery. Eye doctors recommend that you treat all eye issues as medical emergencies to avoid the risk of losing your eyesight.

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