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Peeling back the curtain: Kyle Guy, broke athlete

kyle guy national champYou think you’ve made it big when you’re, say, Kyle Guy, and you just got drafted by an NBA team, and just signed your rookie contract.

And then: reality.

A recent story in The Ringer laid out how broke as a joke the 2019 Final Four Most Outstanding Player is right this second.

Sure, we learn, Guy signed a two-way contract with the Sacramento Kings, the team that took him in the second round of the June NBA Draft.

But, Guy won’t get his first paycheck until November.

And, well, Guy isn’t Zion Williamson, signing multimillion-dollar shoe deals.

To help make ends meet, Guy signed up for Cameo, a service that allows actors, athletes and social-media influencers to connect with fans who pay a fee to have the celeb send them a personalized video.

Guy had done 91 Cameo videos as of earlier this week, bringing in a little more than $5,000, at $60 a pop.

Between doing that, signing trading cards for Panini, participating in a sponsored interview for a culture website, and one minor product endorsement, that’s it, man.

The story relates that Guy needed a new pair of jeans for the NBA Draft Combine, and cringed at the $40 price tag.

So, yeah.

Here’s a link to Kyle on Cameo, if you need a pep talk from the guy who hit three free throws with six-tenths left, or just want to help him buy a supply of Ramen noodles.

Story by Chris Graham

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