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PayPal lifting up the game for Bitcoin cryptocurrency

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The trend of using Cryptocurrency is increasing around the Globe. The last decade seems to be a big breakthrough in a lot of digital cryptocurrency including the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Bitcoin cryptocurrency is one of the most popular and famous cryptocurrencies. A huge number of organizations around the globe are moving toward the manifesto of Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Bitcoins have increased and elevated the digital trading market trend.

Bitcoins are being used by a huge number of traders and online sellers throughout the world. The most popular online banking system of the world called Paypal is also seen patching up with Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

History of PayPal

Paypal works by an application that can be downloaded on all types of smartphones. The user has to login by making an account into PayPal by simply signing up to the app. PayPal is used for the sake of sending and receiving money more precisely local currency around the globe.

The trend of PayPal using the local currency is now changing. PayPal has started working with cryptocurrencies as well. Among many other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoins are also working with PayPal. The increasing interest of PayPal with the Bitcoin cryptocurrency has benefited the bitcoin cryptocurrency by lifting up the value rates for it. A detailed analysis of the relation of PayPal and bitcoin has been mentioned in the theory below.

PayPal bonding up with Bitcoin cryptocurrency

The news that PayPal will work with cryptocurrency Bitcoin has been circulating throughout the digital market for the past few days but no one was sure about that. But recently PayPal has announced that it will provide its customer the service of using and sending Bitcoin cryptocurrency through the platform of PayPal.

The acceptance of cryptocurrencies by PayPal is big news and has raised the price of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency by $1,000. As we all know that Bitcoin is one of the largest cryptocurrencies throughout the world and on the other hand Paypal is one of the biggest e-banking throughout the world. So the agreement between Paypal and Bitcoin cryptocurrency has benefited both the manifestos in a positive way and this has lifted up the game for the Bitcoin cryptocurrency to a $1,000.

Around the globe, 346 million customers are using the platform of PayPal. Paypal has taken a huge step by allowing its customer to use and trade cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ether, etc.

Although a number of mobile phone and other companies have already allowed the customer to use and shop using the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, PayPal being the biggest company in the U.S. has taken a very bold step. This makes PayPal stand out in the list of those companies who have been engaging the users with cryptocurrencies. To learn more, check out the Bitcoin code trading app.

Final announcement of PayPal

Paypal has announced its agreement with Bitcoin cryptocurrency on its Twitter handle by saying that: “Today we announce the launch of a new service where customers can buy and sell cryptocurrency directly from there on a PayPal account.”

Mr. Joseph Edward who is related to Enigma Security is saying that this agreement will affect the price of the Bitcoin in a positive way. Another analyst had said that PayPal is the world’s biggest company to partner with any cryptocurrency to date.

Impact of the agreement

This facility has benefited the people of the U.S. who own a PayPal account. The theoretical work of this agreement has been completed, and it is estimated that this peer-to-peer relationship of PayPal and Bitcoin cryptocurrency will be available some time mid-year in 2021. This has helped PayPal coming a level up with respect to its rivals and other competitors.

This year has been a record-breaking year for the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. The use and trading of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency is seeing to increase by 75 percent as compared to the previous year. It is said that Bitcoin has broken is own record of being the most popular and most valuable Bitcoin cryptocurrency and this elevation in the price of Bitcoin was last seen in the year 2017.

Critics and the analyst of the trading market have stated that this agreement between PayPal and Bitcoin will plus the gains of both the manifestos.


Concluding the whole discussion, we can say that this agreement has lifted up the game for many cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin cryptocurrency. We know that cryptocurrencies have struggled a lot in the past decade and now people have started investing in cryptocurrencies.  This step of PayPal will be a breakthrough for the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. The world is seeing to accept the cryptocurrencies and PayPal has  set  up the base for other manifestos to start dealing with cryptocurrencies.