Parallel Profits creators announce upcoming launch of business opportunity

businessFor everyone that’s ever dreamed of owning their own business and working from home, authors Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth announced the upcoming release of their new Parallel Profits business opportunity in 2019 that accommodates both of those desires. Registrations are currently being accepted.

Parallel Profits is an opportunity that enables individuals to build a business and work full-time from home by selling services as part of the authors’ affiliate program. Individuals don’t have to have a product to sell, maintain a physical inventory, work to establish a brand, or create an e-commerce website.

The Parallel Profits method provides everything needed for participants to immediately launch a business in their own region and begin generating sales. Affiliates don’t have to be concerned with copywriting, marketing materials or gathering their own leads.

The Parallel Profits system is unique in that individuals don’t even have to meet with their customers and no outsourcing of client services is required. The company maintains a full support staff of professionals, negating the need for affiliates to have any specialized knowledge, experience or expertise.

The Parallel Profits technique eliminates the three biggest barriers to success that individuals encounter when trying to launch their own business. The system is scalable, enabling people to keep their business to a size that’s easily manageable for them. A comprehensive training program is also available for individuals that want to work independently.

To celebrate the upcoming launch of Parallel Profits, the creators are offering some prelaunch and launch week monetary prizes. For launch week, the first place winner will receive $50,000 in cash, second place earns $20,000 in cash, and third place is awarded $10,000. Prelaunch prizes of $20,000, $5,000 and $2,000 will be awarded to the first through third place winners, respectively. Participants will also be paid $2 per lead.

The upcoming launch of Parallel Profits provides individuals around the world with an opportunity to earn from the comfort of home as an affiliate marketer. Parallel Profits takes care of all the details and eliminates the most common impediments business owners face to provide affiliates with a pathway to success.


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