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Paper misses the boat in presentation of Lofton Lake story

Letter from Kathy Belcher

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Although as a Staunton resident I have no dog in the current Waynesboro city officials’ dog fight, I do however have an interest in assuring that the press and public have an accurate accounting of Doug Walker’s purchase of a Lofton Lake share.

While the reference to those families who have been fortunate enough to buy a share in the old campground (retreat???) as “the region’s most prominent figures” may be amusing, the inuendo that somehow there was a political motive or gain involved my husband’s and my selling our Lofton Lake share to the Walker family is distressing.

To set the record straight: Per the bylaws of the Lofton Lake LLC, my husband and I contacted the entire Lofton Lake partnership when we decided to sell our share at the Lake three-plus years ago and asked that the partners contact us if they knew anyone who might be interested in purchasing our share. Bill Hausrath, as a Lofton Lake partner – not as a realtor – called and said he might know someone who would be interested in purchasing our share, and then introduced us to the Walkers. The Walkers and my husband and I met and/or spoke on several occasions to discuss the possible sale. At no point after the initial introduction did my husband or I speak to Hausrath about the sale, and I want to confirm his statement that “he recieved no compensation for his part in bringing Walker into the group.”

To try to imply that there was any level of politically motivating shenanagans resulting from the sale of my husband’s and my share in Lofton Lake is just wrong.