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4.9 billion People to Use Social Media in 2023; 61% of the World`s Population

Jastra Kranjec

Social media usage continues surging as millions of people worldwide join online communities each month. According to data presented by Augusta Free Press, the number of active social media users is set to hit 4.9 billion in 2023 or 61% of the world’s population. 330 million New Social Media Users in a Year Recent years…

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Social Media Ad Spending Set to Jump Over $300B

Jastra Kranjec

With 4.7 billion users in 2022, social media networks have become the largest marketplace for advertisers and brands searching to promote their businesses. Since 2020, the amount of money companies put into social media ads has more than doubled, and the figure keeps rising. According to data presented by AugustaFreePress, global social media ad spending…