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Organizational ideas for a tidy home

tidy home
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It is easy for homes to become cluttered and disorganized with our busy American lifestyle. Some homeowners become so overwhelmed by the thought of getting their home in order that they put off the task indefinitely. Those who feel anxious at the thought of organizing their home will have greater success by focusing on one room at a time.

Choose a Starting Point and Then Work through the Home

Everyone will have different priorities when deciding which part of their home to organize first. The key is to focus all attention and energy on just one area and then move on to the next one on the list. While homeowners might want the job done quickly, it is important to take the time to de-clutter each room appropriately and create a plan to prevent it from falling into the same condition again.

Eliminate Common Dumping Zones in the Home

It is common for people to use flat surfaces in the home as a place to put their papers, empty their pockets, or place other items they don’t necessarily need right now. Countertops and kitchen tables are especially common places that can turn into dumping zones.

Professional organizers recommend clearing these spots each night before going to bed. If that becomes too difficult to remember, placing larger objects such as a flower vase on the kitchen table can serve as a visual reminder for homeowners and their families not to dump their junk there.

Tips for the Bathroom and Living Room

These two areas in the home tend to be the most used and areas that guests access the most. Here are some tips for getting each of them organized:

Bathroom: Start by going through the medicine cabinet and discarding any expired product. Since hair products take up a lot of space, consider placing those items in a bin and placing it in the storage space underneath the sink. A caddy for the shower and a drawer organizer for make-up can also help decrease clutter.

Living room: The living room should have its own wastebaskets to place trash. This helps people avoid the temptation of leaving it there because they don’t want to walk to another area of the home to throw it away. Flat surfaces should remain clutter-free in this room too. Investing in a cord control system for the multiple cords present in most living rooms makes for a neater appearance in addition to eliminating the risk of tripping. The space available behind couches can easily accommodate additional storage without the room looking cluttered.

Don’t Forget About the Garage

The garage often become a catch-all for storage space. One simple way to take control of garage clutter is to put up a peg board to organize tools, paint, motor oil, and other common items found in a garage. This frees up floor space to allow cars to fit in the garage easily while also providing more room for larger items that do not fit on a peg board.

There is no question that organizing a home can be hard work, but the benefits of living in clean, organized space are worth sacrificing some time and energy to enjoy.

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