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Organic CBD oil: 4 reasons you need to go organic

organic cbd oil
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Just what is organic CBD oil? To answer this question we must go all the way back to the origins of CBD and hemp. The hemp plant contains hundreds of compounds. The primary compound is cannabidiol or CBD. After its extracted, CBD is processed into a wide variety of health and recreational products, the most popular is organic CBD oil. We’ve identified what CBD is, but how does the term organic relate to CBD? According to the United States Department of Agriculture the term organic refers to any item that is grown or produced without the use of genetically modified organisms, pesticides, synthetic fertilizer, sewage sludge or ionizing radiation. The term USDA certified organic means that a government approved certifier has inspected the growing and processing conditions to ensure they meet official standards. To this end, organically grown hemp refers to hemp that has been grown under these stringent conditions. Therefore, organic CBD oil is CBD oil that is organic on two levels, it’s extracted from organically grown hemp and then it’s processed with no synthetic chemical additives. So should you go organic when it comes to CBD? For the answers to this question read our following article titled: organic CBD oil: 4 reasons you need to go organic.

Organic food has been all the rage lately, and it’s sparked some very strong opinions and support regarding other products people use, from household cleaners to CBD. There are dozens of strong groups advocating against the dangers of pesticides and mass produced synthetic products. When it comes to organic products, proponents say the more commercial a food becomes, the fewer nutrients it has. The real truth may not be as dramatic as all that, but there is something to be said for eating food that’s been naturally grown and using products that are free from extraneous chemicals. Pesticides have been linked to health issues, from skin problems to infertility, and its a good idea to limit them even if you’re not planning on cutting them out completely. It naturally follows that in addition to food and beverages, when it comes to organic CBD that is produced with the purest ingredients and without chemical additives.

Increasingly, more and more farmers across the US are recognizing the value of producing organically grown hemp, with some experts claiming that organic hemp farming promises to be something of an upcoming gold rush for America’s produce farmers. In addition, many of today’s conscientious growers are now participating in “regenerative organic” practices – organic farming methods that emphasize soil health and maintenance, while conserving soils and pastures so that the land will continue to be sustainable for generations to come. These farmers love their land and follow sustainable organic practices.

If we look at the facts and compare organic and non-organic CBD which choice is better becomes clear. Thanks to pristine growing conditions, organic hemp is cleaner because it does not contain synthetic chemical pesticides and fertilizers, and has not been genetically modified or exposed to chemical toxins. As a result, organic CBD oil is a more natural product. From a nutritional standpoint, chemical pesticides and fertilizers can drain the soil of the ingredients that nature would normally use for its nutrients. In addition studies have shown that produce treated with certain pesticides can cause allergic reactions in some people. It’s important to note that there is still a debate as to whether  or not pesticides actually trigger these reactions or whether they occur due to other causes, but many people are convinced that organically grown products are a safer alternative.