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OOH: How to get started

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Out of Home advertising (OOH)  is a way for you to reach your clients outside of their home. This could be on a billboard, a poster in the subway, on the side of a bus, or a bunch of other options. OOH advertising is a great way to reach a lot of people, some that are already your clients, and others that may have never heard of your business before. I am sure you have seen these ads before, but how did they get there and what is the process of getting started with your out of home advertising campaign?

Decide Your Message

Before you can get started with the fun stuff you have to first decide what exactly it is that you are wanting to advertise. Start with the general item or service that you are advertising, then think about exactly what you want your message to be. Know that you do not have to do this process alone. There are marketing professionals that you can reach out to that will help to create your vision and make sure that you have an advertisement that is adequately capturing the attention of the audience and is portraying your business as you would like it to be. Having a clear message, you are trying to get across is the first step in creating a successful out of home advertising campaign.

Create Your Design

After you decide on a message you will need to create a visual advertisement. While you can create this yourself, it is even better if you can work with a professional marketing agent or digital designer to create it for you. In this design you will include your message, photos, identifiers such as a social media handle or logo, or even a unique hashtag. All of these things will need to be carefully curated to provide a clear message and adequately reflect your brand. Your design is an integral part of your advertisements, so do not be afraid to invest some money into creating something amazing.

Target Your Audience

One of the keys to a good marketing campaign is to target your audience. Before you start you will want to choose an audience that is consistent of your current customers and perhaps an audience that you would like to better reach. Having a clear target audience can also help you to adapt your message and design to appeal to the audience of your choosing. Your ooh agency can also help you as you continue on with pinpointing exactly who your audience is and tailoring it even more. They do this by looking at analytics of who is interacting with your advertisements.

Contact an OOH Advertising Agency

Once you have worked out some of the details it is time to reach out to the professionals if you have not already. OOH advertising agencies are professionals in creating and executing effective ad campaigns. Not only can they help you with the design, the audience targeting, and the location, they will make it all happen to get your advertising out there into the world for all to see. They can help you to maintain your ads and even change them up as the seasons change. They are truly experts in their field and will be able to execute, track, and adapt your campaign to the growing and changing needs of your business.

Starting an out of home advertising campaign isn’t as hard as it seems to be, especially when you have a team of highly skilled professionals by your side. As long as you have a clear message for your ads and a strategic plan for your ads you will be able to reach your target audience and increase your client engagement.

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