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Ontario liberals & NDP promise to end postal code discrimination for car insurance

businessLiberals in Ontario claim that they are going to deliver a plan which will end discrimination in auto insurance. At this point in time, citizens must pay different premiums depending on their postal code. With the upcoming election, insiders say that this is a strategy that Liberals use to gain more votes in regions where premiums are the highest.

Brampton drivers are the ones who need to pay the highest insurance premium, which reaches no less than $2,268. The location of customers is currently one of the government-set factors which are used to determine the value of car insurance policies. Various elements were taken into consideration when premiums were determined, depending on statistics which showed the cities with the greatest number of collisions per year.

Toronto and its ultra-high car insurance policies

Postal code discrimination for auto insurance is a big deal in the Canadian Province of Ontario.

Especially in Toronto, where car insurance prices are extremely expensive compared to the rest of the province. Unfortunately, going through Toronto without seeing an accident or hearing the police has become inevitable.

Statistics have revealed that traffic fatalities have increased tremendously during the past years in Toronto. More than that, parking can be very troublesome, while people are buying more and more cars with each year that passes. Unfortunately, all these events do nothing but increase the car insurance premiums that drivers need to pay.

Liberals promise to come with innovative solutions

Harinder Malhi, the Liberal candidate for the riding of Brampton North, has revealed that they are going to find a solution so that drivers won’t be penalized because of their postal code. Up to now, no projections which reveal how the policy change will positively affect drivers have been provided. Liberals are saying that the specifics will be revealed after the June 7 election.

Such statements can easily lead to comments that Liberals are not going to deliver what they promise. Liberals have been called “untrustworthy” by Toronto citizens, due to the fact that they have failed to make changes regarding the unfair insurance rates. The NDP has already stated that Liberals can’t be trusted, even though the Liberal government promises to deliver a well-put-together plan.

Nowadays, drivers in Ontario are hit hard by the unaffordable prices that come with car insurance policies. Even though it is true that the average auto insurance rate in Toronto is greater than in other parts of Ontario, there are certain factors which make Toronto more susceptible to car accidents, which eventually leads to higher-priced insurances.

With so many cars in the city, there is a greater risk of accidents. Like so, Liberals need to come up with concrete and innovative solutions that will put an end to the current situation. At this point in time, it’s not working for either the government or the citizens, so a fair solution will be for the benefit of both parties.

Such problems can’t be solved overnight, but no matter who wins the elections, small steps must consistently be taken to make insurance fairer for all Ontario drivers.