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OnlyFans has been the fastest-growing subscription-based adult content site in recent years. The site launched in 2016 but took off in late 2019 and early 2020. Today, OnlyFans has over 1.5 million creators and 175 million users. It doesn’t matter what you’re into; you will surely find many perfect models that will keep you entertained for months.

However, with so many models available, finding the top OnlyFans creators is easier said than done, especially if you consider that the platform doesn’t have a search feature. We did the hard work for you, and after hours of research, we selected ten top OnlyFans creators right now to help help you find the most active models with the best exclusive content on the platform.

Top Creators on OnlyFans Right Now

The list below gives you a quick overview of the top OnlyFans creators in 2023. Each model here was picked for standing out in the crowd and offering only top-quality material. We’ll give you more details about these girls in the following section, covering the type of content they offer, subscription prices, and other popular features. 

Top OnlyFans Creators In More Detail

Now, let’s look at what these super-hot models offer and what you can expect to get if you subscribe. We’ll review the most popular free accounts, a few premium options, and models with specific fetishes, hoping to help you find the ideal model to follow. 

1. French Vanilla, aka Chloe Mercy – The Best Top OnlyFans Creator Right Now

First on our list of the top OnlyFans creators we have French Vanilla. The 23-year-old French bombshell joined the site only a few months ago and has already gained a massive following. She knows she’s against millions of hotties, so she stepped up her game and created a video and photo gallery no one can ignore. However, the young beauty’s rise to fame is not nearly enough, as she deserves all the attention she can get.

The best words to describe French Vanilla are stunning, playful, well-behaved, and naughty. She’s truly something else, which is evident from every photo and video available in her library. You can subscribe to her content for as little as $7.99 per month, and you’ll get a bang for your buck, that’s for sure. You can also send her a DM to get to meet her, and she’ll gladly create a custom video for the right price.

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french vanilla of

2. Gem101 – Amateur Beauty Turned Top OnlyFans Creator

Gem101 is an entirely unknown girl gifted with angelic beauty, which helped her land in the top 10 earners list on OnlyFans. She’s the only non-celebrity on the list, but her content is arguably better than many celebrities with higher rankings. Gem101 makes a whopping $2.3 million from monthly subscriptions, which is impressive even for famous models. 

The jaw-dropping black-haired model offers a ton of naughty photos and videos, and every upload is genuinely a piece of art. Most of her content is considered SFW, but you can also find a few nude photos. Gem is a master of seduction, and her curvy body earned her over 1 million followers. She looks good in everything but is especially popular because of her girl-next-door look that caters to many regular joes worldwide.

2. Gem101 - Amateur Beauty Turned Top OnlyFans Creator

3. Dannii Harwood – Sexy UK Actress With Explicit Content

Dannii Harwood is a popular British actress with a perfect smile and a stunning physique. The busty Wales native used to work for Club Nylon, a popular adult production company focusing on explicit solo performances in sexy lingerie and nylon stockings. Needless to say, Dannii was the most popular model on that platform, which gave her the idea to join OnlyFans and exploit her fame.

It didn’t take long for the word to spread, allowing Dannii to make her first million in less than a month. OnlyFans finder software states that her subscription is $12.99, but she offers 25% and 50% discounts for long-term fans. Most of her content is explicit and steaming hot, and it will get your blood pumping immediately. Moreover, Dannii loves meeting her fans, so that you can send her a DM with a custom video request, and she’ll gladly turn your naughtiest fantasies into a reality. 

Dannii Harwood - Sexy UK Actress With Explicit Content

4. NIRVANA – Blonde Bombshell With The Perfect Curves

With a name like NIRVANA, you can already guess that the girl behind it is not like most other girls. The hot girl that goes by the name NaviPlays is one of the sexiest and naughtiest alternative models on the platform. You can recognize her by her tattoos and the many different hair colors she loves experimenting with in her content.

You can clearly see that NaviPlays is a naughty girl who’s not afraid to get dirty for her fans. Many of her uploads are full-frontal hardcore sex tapes, and since she identifies as bisexual, there’s a lot of girl-on-girl action too. Nirvana is also a real geek. Once you get to know her through DMs, and if she really likes you, you might get a few exclusive photos for free. However, that is possible only after you get the $9.99 subscription. 

NIRVANA - Blonde Bombshell With The Perfect Curves

Zayla is one of those best free OnlyFans accounts listed on every top OnlyFans creators list. But, honestly, who doesn’t like a busty, perfectly-shaped blonde MILF who loves to take her clothes off and have fun in front of the camera? Zayla became famous due to her incredibly realistic stepmom role, and you can get a hint of what she offers for as little as $3 for the first 31 days.

Zayla’s private library has over 1,870 uploads, most of which are top-quality photos. However, there are about 120 HD videos, and Zayla uploads new stuff almost daily. It’s clear that she enjoys her age and looks, which is why she focuses on mature XXX-rated content. Lastly, Zayla is also known for her speedy replies on DMs, and she’ll gladly put on a private show for the right price. 

zayla onlyfan

Megan Barton Hanson made her fame as a model and a reality TV star in the UK. The attractive blond is well aware of her looks and is not afraid to show some skin for the right price. The 27-year-old model is also one of the best earners on OnlyFans, with a monthly income of over $1.06 million. With a subscription of $24.99, that’s quite a number since there are tons of models with much cheaper subscription plans.

That said, Megan is a natural beauty who just wants to have fun. She’s very playful and not too naughty, but if you’re a generous tipper, you might see more than everyone else. Mega’s library has a ton of photos of her in sexy lingerie and various bikinis, but you can also find a few dozen short videos and sexy teasers. 

mega barton-hanson only fans

7. Jam Wolfie – Extremely Sexy Fitness Model

Jam Wolfie is currently ranked #10 on the top OnlyFans creators list, and she’s a sight for sore eyes for all fitness freaks and gym goers. The super-sexy fitness model turned her successful influencer career into a successful OF page after her content was deemed too sexy for Instagram. 

Jam is perfect in every way, as she devoted her life to working out. The Australian babe offers complete access to her library for only $5 per month. Of course, you won’t get any XXX-rated material or full nudity, but you will get many sexy photos and a few erotic short videos. Jam is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a perfect female figure or a sexy, classy girl who keeps her intimacy to herself. We’re not sure if that makes her sexier or less sexy, but the bottom line is that her content is worth much more than $5. 

jem wolfie only fans

8. Belle Delphine – Super Cute Internet Sensation 

Belle Delphine used to be a popular Twitch streamer for years. Her unique looks and playful character earned her an army of fans years before she joined OnlyFans. Millions of gamers used to fantasize about seeing her naked, so you can only imagine the hype after she announced joining OnlyFans. Once she did, she got millions of subscribers, and her content caught everyone off guard. Everyone thought she would upload softcore stuff because of her innocent look, but she turned out to be much freakier than everyone thought.

Today, Belle is one of the top OnlyFans creators, and most of her content is explicit and hardcore. Of course, there are a lot of photos and videos of her playing with herself, but you can find a few XXX-rated home sex tapes in there too. If you don’t mind the $35 subscription price, Belle Delphine won’t disappoint you, that’s for sure.

belle dephine onlyfans

9. Kanri – One of The Top OnlyFans Creators in Cosplay

Kanricos, or Kanri for short, is a master of sexy cosplay. However, she’s not the kind of model that likes to go all out. Instead, she keeps her posts tasteful, showing just enough to get your imagination running. Kanri became popular on TikTok, so most of her OF content is made in the same style but with tinier clothes and more seduction. 

Kanri does a great job of bringing your favorite anime and video game characters to life. She takes a lot of effort to create extremely sexy outfits and wears them perfectly. You can access her private library for only $10 per month, which is a reasonable price, considering that she offers over 700 photos and videos. Therefore, if you’re into cosplay and anime cartoons, Kanri is one of the top creators on Onlyfans right now. 

kanri onlyfans

10. Kiki – Top OnlyFans Teen Creator With Hot Content

Kiki is another super-successful amateur OnlyFans model who used her God-given features to make a fortune. The hot blonde teen sensation is growing her following by the thousands every day, even though she’s not a celebrity. Kiki’s library has over 660 photos and videos of the highest quality, and she keeps uploading new content every day.

If you don’t fall in love with this perfect young blonde, her charming personality will definitely win you over. Most of the content is borderline SFW, but you’ll also see a few photo shoots where Kiki’s showing everything she’s got. Kiki is also sought out for her cosplay performances, and she is also willing to create a custom video for the right price.

kiki onlyfans

Top OnlyFans Creators FAQ

Can you earn money on OnlyFans without showing your face?

Yes, you can. Many of OnlyFans top creators hide their faces to stay anonymous. There’s an entire fan base for anonymous models, so check it out.

How much money do the top Onlyfans creators earn every month?

Considering the top 100 creators on only fans make over $1 million a month, there’s a lot of money to be made. Thousands of the top OnlyFans creators right now make well over $500,000 per month, even though the average earnings are only $180.

Where to find top OnlyFans creators without the search feature?

OnlyFans doesn’t have a built-in search filter, making it easy to miss some of the best Onlyfans creators right now. We advise that you join one of many Reddit groups dedicated to the sexiest Onlyfans girls and look for the hottest models in the comments.

Final Words

To conclude our list of the top OnlyFans creators right now, there are many more models worth your time and money. With over 1.5 million creators, OnlyFans surely has hundreds of girls that will leave you speechless, but we can’t cover all of them for obvious reasons. So start your search with the top OnlyFans creators on our list, and you’ll find dozens of related accounts and models that match your preference. Have fun!

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