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Online roulette tips n’ tricks 

By Robin Woods

online roulette
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A strategy is a big thing when it comes to online roulette. Some players view it as one of the games of luck, but it is wrong. This gambling game is not just about luck; it needs skills and immense knowledge about the mathematics of chances. For that reason, you need to strategize.

In this article, we will give you important tips and tricks you can try to double your chances of winning.

The Roulette System

Before everything else, let us first talk about the roulette game system. What is it?

Well, many live roulette casino players perceive the roulette system as a roulette strategy. However, they are not the same. This game system is the method of selecting the best bet options while a roulette game strategy speaks about a trick or act you will use during the game.

The Online Roulette Strategy

When you play online roulette it is similar to live roulette. The only difference is that it involves the use of the internet and casino software. When you play roulette online, you can get as many roulette bonuses as you can. But do not depend on bonuses too much. This will not help you in the long run. You need a definite strategy to get the most house advantage as you can. There are two commonly used systems of strategies in online roulette that is also applicable to live and electronic roulette:

  • Martingale System – This type of strategy includes the process of doubling the value of bets after a player loses a game and then going back to the original value of bets after every win.
    It is strategic since you alter the value of your bets, depending on the results of the previous game. This enables you to get back on the losses you have had in the previous spins and win more chances again.
    Although this system is widely used as a strategy in placing bets, some players who have lost big time condemn this trick. Online casino Philippines, for example, also avoids using such systems to discourage players not to double their bets recklessly.
  • The Fibonacci System – this system follows the Fibonacci sequence, whereas a player gambles the equal total sum of his or her losses. This system allows you to decrease the number of losses you will have in the future spins. But, this is just a short-term strategy since the bets are increasing in every consequent game.

Online Roulette Tips and Tricks

There are other ways to get the most advantage in playing online roulette, and that is to be contented with slow but sure winnings and to double your bets once the time is right.

In slow but sure winnings, you will have to create 2 or more accounts. In that way, you can close your other accounts after winning a significant amount of money. However, the problems start when some internet casinos prohibit the use of multiple accounts. That is why some gamblers use fake identities to create multiple accounts or use another person’s account.

The second one talks much about finding the right timing. Although this will sound like a selfish strategy in playing online roulette, it will benefit you a lot as a single player. This strategy is employed by only playing once or twice a month, and once you have identified that the evolution roulette wheel is most favorable to your expected odds. However, you will place large bets. Therefore, you win big or lose big time.

Other strategies are widely used in roulette games like European roulette online and American roulette. The first one is to bet on a single zero in European roulette. Since the roulette wheels in this game only contain a single green pocket, you can at least have a slight edge over other players in the American roulette wheel. However, betting strategies do not always work.

Online casinos already have more advantages than the players even before the game; that’s why you cannot ensure if your predictions are accurate and effective. To counter this, you can implement different betting options like corners and street bets. The more areas in the wheel you can cover, the more favorable the odds you can get.

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