Online privacy: A necessity or choice of the tech-savvy?

More and more Internet users are lost in thought about privacy these days. Some people need it for work, some go this route to avoid different forms of surveillance, some need to access one or several geo-restricted services, and for the others, private web surfing is a matter of principle. In every scenario mentioned above, a virtual private network (VPN) is the only worthwhile instrument to use.

The number of VPN providers is constantly growing, but not all of them stay afloat over time. By reading VPN reviews, you can easily choose a high-quality VPN service for as little as 5 minutes.

Top 3 services – what do they have in common?

Every service is unique in its own way, except for one thing. All the VPNs listed in this article boast stability. Once the connection is established, the user’s IP address will be instantly changed, allowing him or her to browse securely no matter what.


The service on the honorable third position is based in Hong Kong. Ivacy has been up and running for more than a decade now, allowing users to surf the Internet with their privacy staying intact.

Ivacy users have 50 countries to choose from for their connection, but this isn’t its main advantage at all. A dollar per month – that’s the biggest benefit. However, there are some nuances to keep in mind. This price is only valid if the user opts for a 5-year tariff plan.

For such a small amount, the customer can enjoy stable VPN connection for up to 5 devices, compatibility with all known operating systems, and round-the-clock tech support.


NordVPN, a service registered in Panama, is on the second position in our rating. As a reward for choosing this provider, new users can try a server in a new location for free for 3 days.

Such a short period of time should be enough to check out all the benefits of this service, including the use of the strongest cryptographic algorithms, an ad-free experience, and a bevy of extra features. For a 3-year plan, the monthly fee is $2.75. Moreover, the provider allows customers to connect up to 6 devices, including mobile gadgets, at the same time. Users can pay with their credit card, popular electronic wallet services, and cryptocurrencies.


There is a strong reason why this service is on the “gold” first position: it boasts the highest connection speeds across the board. This probably explains why it has been breaking all records year after year, having become the best of its kind.

What does it have under the hood? The customers can connect up to 3 devices at a time, and it supports the most popular platforms, including Linux and mobile operating systems. Those who haven’t used VPNs before will definitely appreciate the fact that configuring a connection with ExpressVPN is a fully automated process.

The annual subscription fee is $6.67. A user can get a full refund during the first month in case ExpressVPN doesn’t meet their expectations.

Peculiarities of choosing a VPN in 2019

  1. Full confidentiality of personal information;
  2. Affordable prices and discounts;
  3. Simultaneous connection of several devices;
  4. 24/7 customer support;
  5. An easy way to get around web filters and access blocked sites;
  6. All common platforms are supported.

In summary, VPN appears to be a must-have rather than a prerogative of the advanced users only. Lots of people actually cannot access some social networks to send an important message, listen to music or watch a video unless they use VPN. This is only one simple example. The truth is, a VPN connection can provide way more benefits to regular Internet users than previously thought.

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