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Online gambling activities available in the U.S. and beyond

The opening-up of the US online sportsbook market has been as important for UK-based gambling firms as it has for native businesses.
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Gambling is a popular hobby and that has developed a rather unfortunate stigma. Despite this, many people are still interested in trying it out but aren’t sure where to start or what to start with. Here is a list of gambling activities that are available on the Internet. Please note that if you reside inside the United States, there are certain restrictions on state-level and you might not be allowed to engage in certain forms of online gambling. If you, however, live in Canada or the United Kingdom, you should have a much broader choice.

Video Slots & Jackpots

Video slots are the most popular games to play and the most common. They follow the traditional fruit slot machine mechanics in which users spin reels to match symbols and make wins but online slots tend to feature improved visuals and gameplay mechanics. Depending on the slot and its developer, you’ll also be able to enjoy special features which provide added excitement and additional chances of making wins. Finally, online jackpots offer plenty of big win opportunities and unique gameplay mechanics for unpredictability and, more importantly, fun. Most online casinos tend to offer hundreds or even thousands of slots from different software developers. If you sign up with a sister site of a casino you’ve already registered with, you can expect to have access to the same games catalogue since operators like to provide a similar experience across all their gambling sites.

Sports Betting

Sports betting is another popular gambling activity that is available worldwide. Users can wager on various sports games and events, as well as entertainment events, and even video games. There are dozens of betting sites available but the games and events you can wager on will vary, so it’s important to do some research and even join multiple websites if needed. What’s more, most sports betting websites will also offer a range of slots and casino games for you to enjoy.


Bingo is another hugely popular activity. Online bingo follows the rules of traditional bingo games in which you must check off numbers as they’re randomly drawn. The main difference between real-life and online bingo is that all numbers are generated by a computer and numbers are automatically marked off. This means users aren’t required to do anything and can instead watch the game, play other games, or do anything else. What’s more, online bingo games tend to have chat rooms where users can chat with each other and build friendships.

Traditional & Live Casino Games

Also popular are online versions of traditional casino games. This includes blackjack, roulette, sic bo, all poker games, and so much more. There are countless variations of these games, offering new betting options to make these classic games more exciting and invigorating. There are also live versions of these games where real-life dealers are streamed, allowing you to interact with them and all other players too. There are even first-person versions of these games too which offer an in-depth and close to real-life experience, and there are VR casino games which are as real as it gets when playing from home.

These are all just some of the different activities you can enjoy when gambling online. It’s important to note that not all gambling sites will offer all of this so it’s important to research a website before registering with it so you can ensure you’re offered the widest range of games available and truly have fun.

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