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Online file sharing: 7 tips to make the most of it

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Teamwork is no doubt the core of every organization. The ability to seamlessly share files, communicate, and collaborate is important for all the processes in the workplace. In recent years, advancements in technology have changed the way documents and data are handled, stored, and shared. There is no longer a need for wasting paper printing out files or waiting for several hours for the courier to deliver documents. With technologies like virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and cloud storage, there has been a great change to how things are done in the workplace. With just a few clicks, you can now share files and documents with your team without trouble.

In this post, we will be showing you the benefits of using online file sharing and some best practices to make the most out of the system. So, if you are looking to make the move to online file sharing, this will be of great help to you and your organization.

Benefits of online file sharing

Perhaps you have heard about online file sharing but aren’t sure about how much benefits it holds for your organization, here are some points to help. File sharing via cloud storage has several important benefits over the traditional modes of sharing files, such as email or other file transfer means. Some of such benefits include:


With online file storage and sharing, you can reduce administrative costs in your organization. You won’t have to invest in large hard disks, an internal server, or other related infrastructure. Plus, there is always a cloud solution that meets your budget – whether you are a major multinational or just a small startup.

More secured

Compared to using file transfer services, sending email attachments, or using on-premise servers, online file sharing provides more security on the files you share. Additionally, since you will be having all your company’s files stored in one place and over a private server, it reduces the chances of having sensitive files leaking to the wrong hands through careless employees.

You can access your files everywhere

Having your files stored in cloud storage makes it possible for you and your team to access them anywhere. That means you can always edit and share files remotely, and from any device.

Makes easy collaboration possible

Many online file sharing platforms come with different interesting features, such as easy edits, one-click file sharing, file protection, and auto-save. All these make collaboration easy between team members, boosting productivity.

Projects management is easier

More than ever before, online file sharing makes it super easier to manage projects. Since you are having all your organization’s file stores in a place, it becomes easier to check on the progress of your team and help them along. You will also be able to instantly communicate with members of the team. All these mean one thing – your company will meet deadlines easily even while working remotely.

Now that you have seen some of the benefits of using an online file sharing system, let’s see some tips and practices to help you make the most of it.

7 online file sharing best practices tips you should know

#1: Choose a secure platform

This is definitely the first step to enjoying all the benefits of online file sharing. Make sure you choose a file sharing platform that offers a high level of security for your files. Virtually all file sharing platforms promise the best security. But do your research and make sure the platform you are about to choose can really deliver on its promises. Secure storage, backup, and easy retriever are very important.

#2: Test the system

Security alone is not enough. You need to be sure other features of the platform meet your needs. So, test the system before you fully commit to it. What is the upload and download speed like? How easy is it to use? Are there any additional costs? Does it have enough features to support your projects? All these are what you should ensure when choosing an online file sharing platform.

#3: Plan the structure of your shared file

Once you are sure to have a platform that meets your need, then get all other things in place and start enjoying seamless file sharing with your team. But before you start, define a file structure for your organization to ensure your documents are well organized for an easy retriever by any member of the team. To do this, make sure all folders are properly labeled. Group documents appropriately and see that most frequently accessed files are stored where everyone can easily access them.

#4: Secure your data

The main reason your organization is moving to use online file sharing in the first place is because of security. So make sure your precious data is safe and secure. Ignoring the importance of keeping your data secure can mean doom to your company.

To ensure data safety, consider using a good file sharing solution. Such a platform should provide robust security such as at-rest and in-transit encryption, virus scanning at download, password-protected sharing link, and ransomware protection. To ensure your data don’t get into the wrong hands or get lost in any way, secure file access and sharing is important.

#5: Get your teammates to use the platform effectively

It’s no use switching to online file storage and sharing if the whole of your team doesn’t use it. Each member of your team should know how to effectively use the system. If any of them are having trouble adjusting, take some time to show them how it works.

Make your file sharing platform the primary, or the only system used within your organization. That will help all members to participate and hence boost collaboration.

#6: Maintain a consistent naming format

In addition to having a clear file structure, you also need to ensure consistent file naming. Letting your staff or team members name documents as they please may look great, but it will cause a lot of hassle when it’s time to locate such documents. Therefore, to remove this headache, maintain a consistent naming format for your files.

Use short names that are meaningful to everyone. Use terms that are easily recognized by every member of your team and be consistent with the naming system.

#7: Always keep file backups

It can be really bad losing an important file after spending lots of hours and holding multiple meetings to finalize it. This will not only cause you to waste lots of time but in some situations, can also cost you your client’s confidence in you.

Therefore, always keep backups of your files, especially critical ones. You can keep them in the cloud or offline somewhere. When choosing an online file sharing solution, also make sure it’s the type that retains backups of your files for at least 30 days. Even if you think you have chosen the platform with the best security, taking extra precautions to back up your files will go a long way to save you from unexpected situations.

Final note

Having to choose an online file sharing best for your organization can sometimes be overwhelming. A quality online file sharing platform synchronizes all your files across different devices and provides various features to allow easy access and sharing of such files. This helps eliminate the hassle associated with collaboration within your team, hence boosting productivity across board.

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