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Online dating is a method of virus control

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Dating in person is a big no-no now. Considering how rapidly the virus is spreading and how we’re already going through the second phase globally with no signs of the spread decreasing or the virus subsiding, social distancing is here to stay, and nobody knows for how long.

COVID-19 gave a massive blow to the dating scene. Many primarily went to large social gatherings to interact and have a good time before exchanging numbers for a date out. This virus has closed many doors for married men and women who used to go out in secrecy. As this site experts say, online dating is safe and an excellent alternative to traditional dating. Looking for a partner online, no matter how brief, has brought the social aspect to the distancing and makes it slightly more bearable in these times.

All about the connection

COVID is genuinely showing us how dating knows no boundaries. Remote dating services (by mail, ads, or personals) has been around for decades. Still, people have begun to explore online dating more openly through this pandemic. Divorce rates have doubled to what’s known as cabin fever. For partners having to isolate together for so many days, love truly sees different levels of challenges. For such people, online dating is an alternative to carrying out an affair and spicing up your life.

Others have had to stay apart; they’re begging for the isolation to end so they can hold their loved one’s hand. It doesn’t matter which category you fall into. Online dating is here to break down the barrier for everyone and make this pandemic easier to pass even by a small margin.

Small scale studies have shown that 1 in every four people have seen a reduction in their sexual activity but have resorted to reduced sexual contact by adding sexting and sending nudes.

Love is all about connection. The Internet lets you connect to millions of people at once, hit it off, and start something new even during these times, translating to real life and physical closeness once social distancing is uplifted. This social distancing factor has taken off a huge burden from peoples’ shoulders since there was always the constant state of the dilemma of “Should I get laid on the first date?” Now you have to build a connection first!

Dating while being socially distant

We all crave affection in different ways. Through social distancing, sexual intimacy has received a tremendous blow. Through physical contact, love grows; throw that out of the picture, there is little left to continue by, false! You don’t have to be Sherlock to know love isn’t just all sex, no talk. A connection on a deeper level is what truly blooms an everlasting love.

Going out online, meeting, and connecting with new potential lovers is a fantastic platform for those sitting at home, dying to go to bars and clubs. Going online costs close to nothing. Consider what you’ll get in return. This is a paradox, but now there is even a greater chance of finding love in your life than it was a year prior.

Dating, while socially distant, needs creative planning. Some great options could include;

  1. An online book reading session where you read books and talk about the characters and stories.
  2. You can also get competitive and play an online game, bringing a new side to both participants and acting as a refreshing change.
  3. You can watch a movie together, varying the genre, some days watching comedy while others are watching romance.
  4. There are adult dating websites with video and voice chat features to engage in sexual conversation for those craving physical contact.
  5. Honestly, take any standard date idea and through into an online mode, Viola! Perfect virtual date idea. You can even walk the streets and talk about everything you see using online communication and services like Street View.

Love goes virtual

Social distancing and washing hands will stop the virus from spreading, but it won’t bring an end to relationships ending or being damaged at the cost of stay apart. Dating has since gone virtual completely; the numbers of people on online dating sites have increased exponentially since the virus spread. This is good news for developers and users, as more users’ means less competition and more money for developers.

Online dating might be the new norm for heterosexual individuals, but for our friends in the LGBT+ community, these have been the one go-to spot for years. In the 80s, a pandemic would have left dating obsolete but not today.

It’s in your best interest to be cautious about online dating platforms. People are going through higher levels of stress, anxiety, and unemployment and using these platforms as places to find solace. It isn’t “love” at the start, just lonely singles hovering to enrich life with temporary warmness and comfort. Dating online now lets users know each other earlier; it was all based on initial attraction and didn’t translate well into real life. The pandemic has genuinely changed the way we date now.

Story by Tim Robinson. Tim is an experienced relationship and dating expert who loves traveling and exploration of any kind.