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Online dating during coronavirus pandemic

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The need for communication is inherent in every person. It is the choice of very few to be happy and alone; for the rest of the people, loneliness is torture and punishment. But how can one get to meet people, when the coronavirus pandemic restricts us from going out for a walk, meeting up in a cozy cafe, or visiting new friends?

Shelter-in-place requirement dictates its communication rules. If meeting people in a nightclub or at the friends’ place was a common thing and online dating quickly moved to offline dating, now everything is different. Social distancing has become a global trend, and it is worth adjusting to it.

Online dating as the way out

If you have been a fan of offline dating, now is the time to master alternative online communication. It is completely easy and accessible for everyone who has a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer and Internet access.

The usual “chain of actions” of online dating is a sequential transition of communication with a person you like from one service to another, all the way to a meeting in real life:

  1.  Dating website or other dating services;
  2.  An account in a social network;
  3.  Messengers;
  4.  Telephone calls;
  5.  Face-to-face meeting.

Today, the luxury of the first date is limited to many by the lockdown, but there is total freedom in other spheres. We will analyze each step in more detail for online dating beginners.

Online dating services

This is the beginning of your journey. Here you will meet a large number of people who are suitable for you according to your parameters. You shall select that one person. Today, the amount of online dating resources is incredibly large. They include global websites, mobile applications, cam to cam chats and many other options. You can meet new people even in online games, on virtual courses, in the comments under any post on social networks, etc.

Beginners should learn the basics of such dating. So, what should be done in the first place?

  • Decide what you want and what you look for (friends, like-minded people, casual or serious relationships).
  • Choose several reliable dating services (in addition to a wide selection of websites, applications and chat roulettes, you should pay attention to their attendance and popularity). Such resources must include filtering candidates, free registration, moderation of communication, a large number of profiles and good protection of your personal data.
  • Fill out the form on each website (on many resources you have the opportunity to communicate anonymously, but serious dating websites require detailed information about their users).
  • Post some of your successful photos (this cannot be done for anonymous dating, but you will definitely have to do it for other websites and resources).
  • Write to people you like (in real life, a man often takes the “first step”, in virtual reality, gender differences do not apply, so a woman can also write first).
  • Learn to “weed out” suspicious individuals (excessive persistence, suspicious messages, requests to send money, or give the data of payment cards – all this should at least alert you).

Having selected several interesting people on dating websites, you can proceed to the next “round” of communication.

An account in a social network

Moving from dating websites to social networks, you show that you are open. Indeed, there is much more information about you on social networks, including photos and contacts of friends. Communication on Facebook and similar services becomes livelier and allows you to better get to know the partner.


This is almost the same as social networks, but here you can communicate even more actively and efficiently. There are plenty of messengers to choose from -WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, and many similar resources. It is possible to communicate using video with the selected interlocutor and to get to know each other better.

Phone calls

In the era of the development of the Internet and related services, phone calls are becoming less popular. However, by giving your phone number, in a certain way, you demonstrate that you trust a person. After all, he/she can call you at any time and distract you from other matters by talking.

Face-to-face meeting

Earlier people could go to this stage immediately after meeting on the website or chatting in the messenger. Now, due to the lockdown, the situation has changed – a meeting in real life is postponed indefinitely. On the one hand, this is another test of the feelings of your partner. On the other – social responsibility, the rules which are worth complying with.

In any case, with this lockdown dating on the Internet has significantly increased its popularity. Those who prefer to meet in an old-fashioned way, at work/educational facility or in places of leisure and entertainment are now giving online dating a chance.

How is online dating affected by the lockdown?

Social distancing has led to changes and modifications to the online dating services. In particular, many of them added some innovations:

  • shared cam to cam chats online;
  • increase in the number of video functions that simulate real-time communication;
  • free hotline for anyone who wants to get tips on how to arrange your personal life during the period of self-isolation;
  • consultations on how to arrange a date via telephone or video.

One user of an online dating mobile application said, “During the lockdown, I often want to like a user or otherwise show sympathy.” All popular online dating services report a message growth of at least 10-15 percent. There is also an increase in the number of profiles and likes.

Finally, we would like to remind you about the need to comply with the quarantine rules, because with the help of modern websites and online dating applications you can make new friends without leaving your room. This is an entire ocean of new opportunities and a sure way to cheer up during self-isolation.

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