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Online casino safety

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Online casino games can be a great way to win extra cash while having fun. However, not all internet casinos are safe. Knowing how to protect yourself and your finances while playing is essential when looking into new online casinos to join.

Gambling law

U.S. gambling law differs depending on the jurisdiction. Each state has specific rules on what type of gambling is allowed and who can play. Each state has specific rules, if it does have specific rules, then you might have other options. So be sure to do all the necessary research before diving in.


Some states don’t allow you to gamble online for actual money. Sweepstakes casinos (a.k.a. sweeps) are a great alternative.

These casinos use a virtual currency system called “gold coins.” You purchase these coins in packages and use them to play casino games for fun. You cannot win real money with gold coins.

Packages include sweepstakes cash or sweep coins. You can use this currency to play casino games for cash winnings. You want to make sure to research safe sweepstakes options.

Identifying unsafe casinos

The first step in looking for an online casino is knowing how to identify an unsafe one. Other players may write reviews of bad casinos. You should always research a casino before spending any money. Below are a few key factors you should watch for.

Frequently-changing terms

Some online casinos change their terms frequently. This tactic allows them to say you weren’t complying, and thus not give you your payout.

Forcing bonuses

Unsafe casinos may also try to force bonuses on you. If you agree to these bonus terms, the casino can require you to play longer and possibly lose more money, rather than cashing out when you feel comfortable.

Inferior software and games

When looking at software and games, there are several details to consider. Casinos may have unfair games, that might not be random or even lack a way to win.

Unsafe casinos use software companies that agree to pay the player but then don’t. These companies also might steal other people’s games.

Spamming players

You should also look at a casino’s marketing practices. Unsafe casinos spam players by email or phone. They may even get your information from other companies so they can spam you. Some casinos may even post on forums and other websites to try to get new customers.

If a casino sends you a lot of emails, consider not using that casino any longer, especially if they don’t allow you to unsubscribe. You can look up whether other players have reported problems with spam through a simple Google search.

Avoiding payout

Some casinos are slow in giving you payouts. Others may repeatedly request player verification or identification proof when you try to withdraw money. Casinos could even falsely accuse you of cheating or abusing their terms. When researching a casino, always look for players reporting problems with payments.

Finding safe casinos

Once you know how to identify unsafe casinos, you can start your search for safe ones. Below are some features to look for.


U.S. casinos are required to have a gambling license. If a casino doesn’t have one, you should not play there.

Considering the jurisdiction of the license is also essential. Some jurisdictions have strict player protections, while others let casinos get away with more. Locations like Antigua, Belize, Costa Rica, Curacao, and Panama are more concerned with increasing the number of casinos in their jurisdiction than protecting players.


When considering playing at a casino, you should make sure they do what they claim and that their games operate the way they should. The best way to do so is through customer reviews. Research whether a casino alters their games to not be random, not allow the player to win, or have an extreme house advantage.

You should also make sure that a casino uses a respected software company. These companies should be certified. Some reputable examples include NetEnt, Playtech, Microgaming, and RTG.


You should look for casinos that allow a wide variety of trusted payment options like PayPal. Consider using cryptocurrency or prepaid debit cards if you’re worried about giving out your personal information.

A casino should allow you to withdraw at least $2,500 per week. Ensure the casino you use doesn’t have a high minimum payout, as this is a tactic used to prevent lower stakes players from cashing out.

The casinos you play at should guarantee payouts in a reasonable time frame. It shouldn’t take more than a few weeks to get you your money. Research whether companies provide consistent payments and if their checks clear.

Fair terms

Take the time to read through a casino’s Terms and Agreement to determine if they feel fair and reasonable to you. While fairness is subjective, some terms are predatory. A casino may ask for the right to close your account without warning, apply fees when you’re inactive, or refuse to pay winnings for any reason.

Company information

Casinos should always provide contact information. Check that the details provided work. You should also make sure a casino gives accurate information on who they are.


Doing proper research will help make sure you choose safe casinos that prioritize your protection. Customer reviews are one of the best sources of information. If a casino uses bad practices, there will likely be reviews of the casino that mention them. Taking these extra steps means you can stay safe and have fun.

Story by Jean Smith

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