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There is a myth about casino bonuses increasing your odds of winning and lowering the house advantage, this myth can be true and untrue at the same time. First of all, if are new to online gambling and you are unaware of the number of bonuses you can get from online casinos, we advise that you brace yourself. Brick and mortar casinos often offer their customers free drinks, membership cards, party packages etc. Since online casinos can’t offer you drinks and party packages, what they offer is free money to play on their site. The types of free money you can find, how best you can use them and what to do to get yours is what we are about to explain in this text.

All Types of Casino Bonuses

In case you already weren’t aware, an average online casino is likely to have more games on its selection than any land-based casino. This is logical because online casinos are not constrained by space. But more games means the more money you have to wager, so online casinos have devised a means for players to play more games without breaking the bank. The solution to this is incentives put in place to reward your deposits and extend your gaming time. These incentives come in different types and they are listed below.

Sign Up Bonus: A sign-up or welcome bonus package is only for new players and can only be claimed once on every casino site. While signing up, most casinos verify every player’s identity, which makes it quite hard to go back and reclaim a welcome bonus once you have already claimed it before. Casino sign up bonuses are usually cashable, but only after you are able to meet all requirements. Apart from the free money you get by claiming this reward, it also allows you to play more games. Generally, casinos try to outdo each other with the sign-up bonus they offer, so you will most likely find a lot of this offer in very attractive values. To get a signup bonus, you only need to register on the casino offering it and opt-in when you are presented with the offer.

Cashback Bonus: Not all casinos give this reward, but you will find a good number of casinos who do online. To compensate you for wagering frequently, some casinos will reward you with a percentage of your net loss for a particular month. Cashback bonuses can be in the form of sticky bonuses or they can be cashable. Most casinos will give it as a sticky bonus which you can only use to play more games on their website. However, if you make the play through the quota, you can then cash out your winnings. Best cashback bonus at no bonus casino

Free Spins Bonus: If you are more of a slot player, this is the kind of bonus you should look forward to. Free spins are common mainly because the slot selection on most casinos outnumber the rest of the games they offer and one of the ways they divert players’ attention to these slots is the free spins. Also, casino software providers release new slot machines frequently, and a good way to publicize it is by giving free spins restricted to these slot machines. So, before you claim free spins, be sure to know if it is restricted to certain slots and if you would like to spin the slots it is restricted to.

No Deposit Bonus: Once in a while, casinos give bonuses that do not need previous deposits. This can either be aimed at returning players or new players. For returning players, all they have to do is log into their accounts and accept the reward. For new players, they will need to sign up to get the bonus. Deposits are not needed to claim a No Deposit reward, nevertheless, players are required to fund their account to cash any winnings they make.

VIP Bonus: Few customers wager in hundreds or thousands of dollars on casino websites, and to properly compensate them, casinos reward them with VIP bonuses. High rollers get huge sums of bonuses as well as uncommon rewards like cash prices, sponsored trips, gadget and other fun freebies. Other times, some casinos will invite high roller players to exclusive tournaments and programs which promises attractive rewards.


So, the myths about casino bonuses increasing your odds of winning might be correct after all. However, what you should know is that your chances of winning are restricted by the rules around the bonus you claim. The most important thing you should know is that bonuses don’t just come without conditions. There will most likely be a time limit, maximum cash out amount and a wagering requirement for each bonus you claim.

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