One, but not the other?

The local paper, rightly, is now pushing Waynesboro city leaders to actively involve itself in the proposed project involving a coldwaters restoration facility, aquarium and possibly even a state-supported college or university at the Mill at South River downtown.

The problem with the push is that the paper is sending out a mixed message relative to its constant harping on the wisdom of city involvement in a similar public-private project – the Wayne Theatre.

On the one hand, the paper says the city needs to invest in the coldwaters project. This from the same paper that routinely pooh-poohs city investment in the Wayne. Interesting juxtaposition, that one. And the state and the feds, too, need to invest – great, except again, this is coming from a paper that makes bloodsport out of identifying so-called pork-barrel spending, the Wayne serving as Exhibit A, and using its findings as evidence that its backers are utopian socialists.

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