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Office relocation: 7 tips for an easier moving day


If you’re planning to move office, chances are you’ve seen a better space that can sustain your thriving business.

That’s good news.

However, don’t expect the process of moving to be as simple as packing boxes into trucks and taking off.

Without proper planning, things can get pretty messy quickly.

Over the years, we’ve heard stories of employees absconding with companies’ items during a moving phase. We’ve also heard reports of furniture breaking, items going missing, and even sometimes unnecessary delays in the process.

We’ve come to conclude that the major reason for all these is improper planning.

That’s why we created this article to help company owners plan ahead for their moving day.

1. Assign a project manager or some people

The job of this person will be to oversee the entire moving process. He/she will work with heads of departments to move each department’s items smoothly.

When you appoint one person or a group of people, it kills off any possibility for confusion. Instead of everyone trying to get things rolling, which might result in mismanagement and damages, this point person will be responsible for keeping everyone and everything in line.

Only what he says should move will be moved, and only when he says to move will anyone or anything move.

2. Hire a moving company

Most companies rely on their employees to move stuff.

But this is a very wrong way of doing things, one that might even result in losses, damages, and delay.

As you know already, your employees are not professionals at moving things, which means they could break items, place items in hard to find spaces, or even stall in their efforts.

A better practice would be to hire a professional moving company like this Singapore house mover. These sorts of companies have well-trained professionals who know when to lift items, drag items, push items, or pull items.

In short, they have the know-how and experience to ensure nothing bad happens to your office properties.

3. Prepare moving kits days before the moving day

Another inherent advantage of using a moving company like this office movers Singapore is that you’ll be provided with moving kits you need to pack your stuff days before the moving day.

However, if you aren’t using a moving company, then you must make provision for every moving kit your staff will need to pack items.

Also, remember that each department will have its own specific packing needs. So, when supplying packing kits, be sure to supply exactly what each department needs.

Obviously, if you’ve adhered to the first tip we mentioned in this post, you won’t have to worry about distributing moving kits yourself. That will be the responsibility of whoever you’ve appointed to oversee the packing.

4. Consult the right professionals

As you know, there may be a need to disconnect some electrical connections or disassemble some factory installations. Depending on your organization’s needs, you should reach out to the concerned professionals months before the moving day so that they can come in when you need them to do the needful.

Remember, it’s almost impossible asking your employees to handle the technical stuff. You need professionals for that. And although they would charge you a fee, that should be a small price to pay for a smooth move.

5. Find out about the moving company’s insurance

Another advantage of using an insurance company is that you can get some compensation if some of your company’s items get damaged or lost during the move.

However, to enjoy this compensation, you have to be sure the company you’re hiring is actually offering that.

Not every moving company is professional enough to have an insurance policy covering your items.

So, before you hire anyone, always remember to ask about their insurance policies, and what it covers.

6. Make adequate adjustments and notify the right people

From customers to suppliers, new prospects to Google, there are lots of people you need to inform about your decision to change address.

As you’re planning the heavy lifting, you should also be planning for life after that. After all, you wouldn’t want old customers jumping to your competitors just because they came by your office but saw you’ve moved.

So, ensure you inform all your customers. It is also important to update your social media pages, websites, and most importantly, your Google Listing page.

7. Adopt the use of color codes

Although your moving company will suggest the best system for your office move, it’s still a good practice to code your items by color. Maybe blue for electrical stuff, red for files and documents, green for flowers and the eco-stuff, brown for papers and plastic, etc.

The whole point of this is to ensure you don’t experience any glitch on the other side of the relocation. Remember, you don’t want to get to your new space only to realize some important documents are missing.

Story by Uday Tank

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