Of course Trump invited the Nats to the White House


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You can’t be surprised to have heard that the president is trying to use the Washington Nationals to distract attention from his pending impeachment.

He’d already tried to put on the Nats as a fake beard and glasses last weekend at the World Series, only to get booed out of Nationals Park, clapping like a circus geek as 40,000 people chanted “lock him up!” at him and his entourage.

It is, yes, more than a little disconcerting to Nats fans that they haven’t even been able to enjoy the obligatory post-Series parade before having to process the ick factor of their team allowing itself to be co-opted by Mr. High Crimes and Misdemeanors.

The team, though, whose owners, Ted and Mark Lerner, are Democrats, really had no choice, unless you count having Trump sic his good buddy Vlad’s endless Twitter bots on you a choice.

Best to get it over with now, as opposed to having Orange Julius Caesar twist his Depends into so many knots at being left yet again at the altar by actual survival-of-the-fittest winners.

I mean, seriously, like the imPOTUS wouldn’t have never-blinking goon Ken Cuccinelli threatening the work status of any of the Nats’ Latino players if the team were to fail to accept his self-serving invite, right?

One idea: sign Curt Schilling to one of those one-day contracts and send him over.

Actually, no, because though nobody in the White House would know the difference, a likely result of going this route would be the lame-duck 2020 appointment of new Supreme Court Chief Justice Curt Schilling.

As awkward as the whole thing will be, it, too, shall pass.

Trump will go off on some nonsense rant about Nancy Pelosi, drop the World Series trophy during the photo-op, and then within the hour a new Fox News producer will “accidentally” run a story from 2014 about Hillary Clinton’s emails, and the news cycle will start anew.

And it won’t all be a complete waste of time. Matt Adams gets to go home with a tray of Big Macs.

Column by Chris Graham


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