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Obama maintains narrow lead

Analysis by Chris Graham

Barack Obama holds anywhere from a three- to seven-point lead over John McCain in today’s polls.

Gallup has Obama up by a 47 percent-to-44 percent margin, while Rasmussen Reports has the Democrat ahead 45 percent-to-41 percent. A fun tidbit from Rasmussen – a hypothetical matchup between Obama and the sitting president, George W. Bush, would be Obama’s in a 20-point landslide.

The biggest lead for Obama comes in the Zogby/Reuters poll, which has Obama ahead by a 47 percent-to-40 percent margin. Breaking those numbers down, Obama has erased a six-point deficit to McCain from polls last month among men, where the candidates are tied at 44 percent each, while McCain leads among white voters by a 49 percent-to-36 percent gap.

A significant note from Zogby/Reuters – with Libertarian Bob Barr and independent Ralph Nader included in the polling, Obama’s lead widens to 46 percent-to-36 percent over McCain.

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