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Oahu Golf Apparel helps kids improve their handicap

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Keeping children interested and inspired enough to continue playing golf can often feel like a tough job. Parents and trainers need to nurture children’s interest in the game, and this can sometimes be harder said than done. Golfing clothing brand, Oahu Golf Apparel (OGA) is all about supporting kids and helping them improve their handicaps.

Children need more than the support of their parents when it comes to golf. Junior clinics and keeping the game fun are both important. What many people don’t realize is that golf is a game that instills integrity and discipline in children.

When children first show an interest in the game, the whole idea is to keep it fun. As they warm up to golf, more attention can be paid to things like their swing, putting, and golfing equipment.

Besides getting the kids off the couch, instilling a love for golf allows them to participate in a universal sport that doesn’t look at age, shape, or gender.

Inspired golfing apparel designs

The eye-catching designs of Oahu Golf Apparel are inspired by the gorgeous landscapes of Hawaii. Started by Tim Hazelgrove in 2016, the golfing apparel and accessories company has more than just selling on their mind. They are also committed to encouraging children to improve their golf handicaps.

Creating a brand of golf clothing that screams fun and creates player individualism was the aim of its founder, and OGA has managed to take the dowdy factor out of the game. Wearing the brand’s stunning polo shirts, hats, and belts have quickly become a status symbol.

The brand is supported by Christina Kim, a professional golfer known for her vibrant play and colorful sense of dressing. It is also supported by some famous names like that of American actor, George Lopez, and the American martial artist Clay Guida.

Kids on the golf circuit need more support and offering them stylish activewear is one way to ensure they keep at their game, whether they are the winner of a junior contest or one of the runners up.

Giving back to the community, especially juniors, helps to enhance the positivity surrounding the clothing brand. Oahu Golf Apparel has attended the Sony Open annually since the company’s inception. Here it passes out apparel to attendees just because it wants to give back to the community and put a smile on people’s faces.

The company also prefers to donate gear to caddies and families in tournaments, since the players need these less. The caddies are, after all, an important part of the golf touring circuit too.

Standing by the youth

The policy of Oahu Golf Apparel is to donate up to 30 pieces of gear a month to junior golf programs on the islands of Hawaii, and the company has affiliated itself with the Oahu Country Club. The Nanakuli kids and the YMCA are other youth organizations supported by the golfing apparel company.

“For us, it’s all about giving kids the confidence to go out there and play,” says Tim Hazelgrove. He continues, “We support the kid that comes last just as much as the one that comes first in the tournaments we sponsor. Every child deserves encouragement and that’s why we insist that the clothing we give as prizes are shared with more children at junior events.”

Bullying is also just as prevalent in sports as it is in other walks of life, and can affect the performance of kids on the golf course. Young peoples’ confidence can easily be shattered by bullying and OGA was touched when they heard about how American Professional Golfer Haley Moore was affected by it. They recently decided to sponsor the talented 22-year-old, and the brand supports full inclusivity.

A final say

Golfing clothing is just as important as golfing clubs for young players. Affordability is one aspect, but juniors are also interested in functionality, design, and they have environmental concerns too.

The innovative golf brand has thought of everything. They have introduced belts made from 100% recyclable material, and the belts are also waterproof and interchangeable. The immense range of hats and polos don’t only stand out because of the exclusivity of their design exclusivity. The material of the polo shirts is also designed to offer SPF protection of 75+ and they perform well in both heat and humidity, so the fabric never looks drenched.

Furthermore, young golfers spend a lot of time checking out what they want to buy on Instagram, and the social media pages of Oahu Golf Apparel keep that in mind. This is all about spreading the “aloha” principle, inspiring kids to pursue golf as a hobby or professional career.

Story by Giuliana Speranza

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