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Novice in Microsoft Excel? What you should do in 2021

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The plethora of benefits and functions excel has, sometimes it seems too good to be true. All you have to do is enter the data, and anything which needs to be done manually can also be done automatically. However, not everyone is as well-versed with the software. Here are some tips that might help you if you are an amateur or are just starting using Excel you might learn in Microsoft Excel Training by CustomGuide.

What is Microsoft Excel used for?

Before you know all about the functions and how using excel can ease your work life, you need to understand what it is used for. Excel comes in handy when you have to store or organize a lot of data sets. Using the set of formulas, tools, and features presented, you can make sense of your data. For instance, you can use a spreadsheet to better track your data or automatically see the sum averages and totals.

What are some basic commands you should know about?

Here mentioned are some basic commands of excel that you should be familiar with.

  • Creating a new spreadsheet
  • Executing simple computations in the spreadsheet such as adding, multiplying, subtracting, and dividing.
  • Formatting as well as writing column texts and titles.
  • Using excel’s auto-fill features.
  • Adding and deleting single rows, columns, and spreadsheets. Once you have done that, you can also try the same with multiple columns.
  • Keeping the row and column titles visible as you pass them in the spreadsheet. This way, you will know the data you are filling in as you are moving along the document.

Two tips that can make you a pro in Excel

Once you have mastered the above-mentioned points, it is time to start using the program like a pro. Here mentioned is a list of 2 tips taught in Microsoft Excel Training, that can help you get better with excel in no time.

Using pivot tables to recognize as well as make sense of the data

A pivot table is the best way to recognize data on a spreadsheet. Even though they do not change the data you already have on the spreadsheet, they can help sum it and compare the values with the information available on the spreadsheet. To create a pivot table, you first have to go to data, then pivot table and excel will automatically populate the table. However, you can always change the order of the data.

Learn to add more than one column or row

More often than not, users need more than one column to efficiently use the program. Sometimes it can go up to as many as 100 columns and rows. Doing this one-by-one can be a tedious job; fortunately, there is an easier way. You can simply highlight the number of preexisting columns or rows and right-click and then click on ‘insert.’ Excel will add a similar number of rows and columns automatically.

Since these are the two basic and necessary requirements in excel, it can help you become more used to the software.

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