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What will happen if online pharmacies in Canada fully replace usual drugstores?

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The industry of online pharmacies is thriving, especially in Canada, where legislation is created in favor of customers. The number of online drugstores is growing day by day, and there’s a slight possibility that they will fully replace the brick-and-mortar pharmacies. What will happen, if usual pharmacies disappear? Let’s imagine the outcomes.

Not all online pharmacies are created equal

It’s not a secret that Canadian drugstores offer splendid discounts, and the price of generic medications is generally lower. According to the study published on NCBI, The majority of prescription drugs can be purchased at lower prices from Canadian online pharmacies when compared to Medicare beneficiaries’ potential expenses. Purchasing medications from Canadian online pharmacies may be a viable option to address cost barriers. Researchers compared the prices of the top 100 Medicare drugs in Virginian drugstores and Canadian pharmacies.

Yet, not all online pharmacies are created equal. For example, one Internet study of 2013 that was dedicated to observing 136 online pharmacies found out that:

  1. The number of active Internet pharmacy websites was reduced; 23 of 136 (16.9%) online pharmacies ceased operating within 12 months and only 67 examined websites (49.3%) were accessible at the end of the 4-year checking period.
  2. Although the majority (120/136, 88.2%) of the Internet pharmacies in case distributed various prescription-only medicines, only 9 (6.6%) actually requested prior medical prescriptions before purchase.
  3. Numerous online operators (60/136, 44.1%) were defined as rogue Internet pharmacies, but no legitimate Internet-based pharmacies were among them. 23 (16.9%) websites were unapproved, while the remaining (52/136, 38.2%) websites were not available in the database.

That proves that the vast majority of online pharmacies are far not reliable. However, some well-established Canadian drugstore websites, were up and running for years without tricking customers. Practice shows that the local medical legislation contributes to the reliability of online drugstores.

Why Canadian online pharmacies are so superb?

The Internet of Canada offers several well-established online pharmacies with affordable prices and a wide choice of generic and over-the-counter drugs. They offer a consistent level of service together with a broad selection of products.

Canadian pharmacies serve to provide people from all over the globe with affordable medications., the industry’s flagman, increases savings up to 90%. Throughout over 15 years of their existence, Canadian online pharmacies have helped millions of customers to save on medications by providing products from licensed manufacturers.

What do people think about Canadian drugstores? Customers reviews are mostly positive: people value the fact that they can offer prescription drugs at much lower prices, and all products are 100% original. The vast majority of American customers is satisfied with customer support and discounted rates for shipping.

Making purchases in Canadian pharmacies means enjoying the following benefits:

  1. 24/7 customer support that helps at every stage of purchase starting from the registration process and finishing by delivery.
  2. Shipping right to purchaser’s door: people save time and stay anonymous.
  3. Great choice of medications. You can find almost any drug you need – from eye care products to erectile dysfunction pills, and have them delivered right to your door.
  4. Absolute safety of personal information. All ordered prescriptions are mailed directly to purchaser’s address from the pharmacy.
  5. Fast and convenient shopping experience. All forms are easy to work with, and website navigation is a no brainer. User-friendly customer service with a knowledgeable team helps to make the right choice.
  6. Medication quality is guaranteed. You can always request a quality certificate and stay assured that an official Canadian online drugstore abides by Canadian legislation.

Other reasons for customers to love Canadian pharmacies are:

  • Excellent protection of private information.
  • Automated refills.
  • Comparison of bids from trusted vendors only.
  • Additional services for easy and convenient pharmacy shopping.

Canadian pharmacies are especially praised by men

What male customers will find especially great are low prices on erectile dysfunction remedies. With Canadian drugstores, they can order generic ED medications without overpaying. Customers prefer buying analogs of popular brand Viagra, Cialis and Levitra at a fraction of their cost. Besides, regular customers are granted ED drug coupons and discounts.

Should usual Canadian pharmacies be replaced?

Well, despite all the superiority of Canadian drugstores, this question is still controversial. Why? Because there are still problems and issues that online drugstores cannot address. Let’s analyze the pros and cons of replacing brick-and-mortar drugstores by Canadian pharmacies.


  • Convenient shopping experience – there’s no need to leave your home to make purchases. The products will be delivered right to your door.
  • Medications are much cheaper than in the usual pharmacies. Coupons and discounts also help to save.
  • Generic drugs are present. Many of them aren’t sold in usual drugstores.
  • Online pharmacies allow making bulk purchases that save a lot of money. This is a very efficient way of saving.
  • A lot of medications are provided in different forms and packages, so a customer is free to choose the most suitable dosage and a number of pills.


  • In an emergency situation, people cannot wait for a medication to be delivered – they should have access to the nearest drugstores around the corner in case of unknown unknowns.
  • Canadian pharmacies don’t offer as many medications as usual drugstores do. Not all brand medical products have analogs.
  • Sometimes, people need a live consultation with a pharmacist. In the case with online drugstores, a web consultation might be not enough.
  • There’s a risk that medications can be delivered damaged/get lost/outdated. In a usual pharmacy, you can take the product in your hands, check it out, and replace immediately.
  • For international customers, the time of delivery isn’t agreeable enough.

Thus, there’s still controversy over the benefits and drawbacks of online drugstores. Both forms of shopping should be available for customers to enjoy fast and easy access to required medications without overpaying.


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